Indelible Imprinting of Parents

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Well, congratulations are in order! No, it’s not what you think. We’ve had a duck use our yard as her NY style loft behind a bush under our kitchen window for a few months. Well Saturday it happened, ducklings, 8 of them. My husband and I feel like proud guardians the first day they waddled out of the nest.

Mrs. Ducklesworth was doing what any good parent would do, take them out and teach them the ways of the world. A few times she walked them near our back steps requiring a rescue mission by The Bird Man himself, my very own Indiana Jones using kit-barbeque gloves. Even though there’s a hint of moo-oink-&-peep on the gloves, the little ducklings didn’t seem to mind the helping hand back to safety.

At one point I wanted to bring them out a little lid with water to drink. They looked thirsty after all that parading around the yard on the hot summer’s day. Indy suggested we go to Toys R Us and get them a mini pool. How about the Barbie Camper too, honey??

I hardly got anything done while being on guard for thee, then finally tore myself away to take my daily walk. On my way I spotted “people ducklings” – kiddies outside playing. How that warms my heart when I see that blessed sight. That’s the essence of exercise – getting outside to play. There are many great things about kids playing – it’s a fun form of “free style” exercise, they use their imagination and they socialize. Plus there’s little pressure to perform, win, be better, faster, stronger. Free play is a wonderful way for kids to experience the world, each other and grow.

A few months ago me and Indy were dining out. Near our table were 2 booths of family – one with the teenagers, the other with the adults. To our chagrin we couldn’t help but notice all of the teenagers sitting there staring at their respective phones, texting simultaneously. No one was interacting socially, talking, expressing themselves. For all we knew they were texting each other and really it was none of our bees-wax. If my Mom was one of the adults at the other table, she would have glared and said through her teeth to “put the GD phones away” ……with the mention of the wooden spoon…..

You can never underestimate the importance of parents being roles for kids, from setting a positive example, to setting limits (on TV screen time and phone texting for instance) and encouraging kids to go outside to play. Thanks Mrs. Ducklesworth for inspiring me about the importance of imprinting to leave an indelible impression for kids to take with them through to adulthood.

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