One Chance to Make a First Impression

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Well it’s true, we only have one chance to make a first impression. Not three, not when it’s convenient, but one. This theme came to mind when I heard that my nephew was just hired at a new company – kudos my pumpkin (no matter what age he is, he is still my pumpkin)!!

Apparently some time ago he was in a meeting at his current place of work with people from this other company. Well, as the story goes, they contacted him offline because they were impressed……

We never know in life when fate will meet opportunity. That is one of life’s mysteries. This got me thinking about the office staff “summer casual dress code”. In previous jobs many geddups rolled in to my place of work – from lacy camisoles (mostly ok for evening), to low rise waist lines (mostly ok for home, maybe the basement), to micro minis (mostly ok for the tennis court….with tennis panties to match), to plunging necklines (mostly ok for the bar scene), to scuffies (mostly ok for the beach), to thong sightings (never appropriate to be seen, ever). Many of these geddups at work lacked get up and go, should have got up and went!! Believe it or not I’m fairly liberal with my fashion rules, but at work common sense needs to rule, alas this isn’t so common, I’m afraid. I’m sure if my nephew first met his future employer wearing board shorts and scuffies or socks with sandals, his first impression and job outcome would have been very different.

I love the saying “life isn’t a dress rehearsal”, because it isn’t!! Every day you’re on the proverbial “stage of life”. You are your own brand, so foster it, work it, improve it. You never know who you’re going to be bumping into. You can look polished and professional no matter what your weight or office dress code.

So, look in the mirror. What impression are you making at this very moment?

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