Easter Feasts & "Fasts" – Needing Help Soon

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Scenario: You’re invited to dine at your folk’s house for family Easter dinner.

Doing some strategizing around your special feast is an exercise you’ll want to build into your “robot” repertoire. When automatic behaviours that sustain good eating and health are programmed in you can handle most any eating vortex situation.

Tips for Needing Help Soon

  • Get your exercise in earlier in the day and avoid leaving it until after dinner, in case you’re too tired.
  • Plan your eating for the day to enjoy the traditional family food without all of the extras. If you plan to “black list” your favourites, you’ll feel deprived. Enjoy, but be reasonable!
  • Wear an outfit you feel simply divine in. Nothing with an elastic waist, draw string, mu mu. When you look great chances are you will avoid gorging. You don’t want that zipper to burst, do you??
  • Never arrive famished. Have a snack to get your appetite in check before you leave the house. Choose a snack with some protein in it – this will promote slower digestion and the feeling of satiety, so it’s best able to cut the edge of your appetite before you arrive. A few examples are:  glass of skim milk, low fat yoghurt, handful of roasted nuts.
  • Bring a hostess gift that’ll double as a diet-friendly option for you. Buy a fancy bottle of mineral water or some wine you actually enjoy drinking (you may as well use your calories on food you love!) or stop at the store on the way and pick up a prepared fresh fruit or veggie tray.
  • If at all possible avoid drinking alcohol until you have your plate of food is ready to eat. Imbibing as soon as you get in the door may help you deal with your kooky Uncle Ned, but it will throw your plan off course.

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