Say Olé to Food Revolution Quesadillas

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Want a quickie….recipe that is? Well here’s a fast and easy recipe that you can make as simply as you want or as complicated.


tortilla shells (vary the types, whole grain, pesto, tomato basil, flax, plain)

grated cheese (monterey jack, cheddar, mixture of whatever you have on hand)

marinated pepper rings or cut up marinated artichokes

leftover cooked cut up skinless chicken or beef (optional)


On your clean, dry counter surface line up as many tortilla shells as you plan on making (use 2 per serving). On each shell add the ingredients evenly on the shell leaving the edges of each shell bare. Put a tortilla shell on top of each. They are ready to cook.

Before you cook these take out a box of baking soda for fire safety purposes. It never hurts to be too careful. Take out a pan big enough to put them all in as you prepare them, one by one. Preheat your oven to 325F degrees. Have a cutting board on hand, oven mits, frying pan, lifter and large knife. Turn on your oven fan. Ok, let the cooking begin!!

Add ~teaspoon or so of canola oil on the bottom of your teflon frying pan and heat to medium high. Carefully transfer your first quesadilla to the pan. With a your turner, press down on the top moving it around the pan in a circle as cheese melts. When the bottom has browned, flip the quesadilla over. It’s all in the wrist!! Press down on it, keeping it moving like you did for the first side. When browned turn off the element and remove the pan from the hot element. Transfer the cooked quesadilla to the cutting board. Cut it in quarters and put it on the oven pan and transfer it to the oven. Repeat this process until each are cooked.

Serve these with salsa, low fat sour cream (0-2% fat) and a side salad. A crisp glass of Pinot Gris helps them taste even better!! They warm up perfectly as lunchtime leftovers the following day. They freeze well too, so while I prepare these, I always make extra to have some at a later date.


Just a few more details:

  • Firstly, I use canola oil because these are being cooked at high temperatures. It works much better than olive oil, but has the same health benefits. Olive oil isn’t always the best one to use, especially when cooking at high heat.
  • Be careful how much oil you pour into the pan. Oil is ~125 calories per tablespoon so you can’t be too liberal with this. A few extra glugs of the canola oil jug can put a monkey wrench into your energy intake.
  • You’re working with hot oil so don’t take your eye off what you’re doing for one second. If the phone rings, don’t stop for it. Isn’t that why you have an answering function!!??
  • I find that as the pan heats up the cheese doesn’t always melt all of the way through while the shell browns. This is why I transfer them to the heated oven, to finish the melting job.
  • For each side of the Quesadilla I use a different kind of shell. It makes it look and taste more interesting. Also, I use extra hot marinated pepper rings that gives them a zinger of a taste.
  • You know the post I made on June 28 when I talked about putting a portion of my meat serving in the freezer if it was too large. This is one of the many instances I use those leftovers. They really come in handy to add a special element to other dishes (like these Quesadillas).

Do you have a different way you make yours?? Let me know.

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