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Monitoring your weight is one behaviour commonly done by successful weight losers. Whether they hop on the scale or yank on those tried and true blue jeans, keeping track of your weight and physique is a key to success.

Researchers have found another way to assess our physical status and that’s taking your waist circumference measure. This involves measuring your waist around “your equator” by your navel. You can do some navel gazing while you’re measuring!!

A girth greater than 94 centimetres (37 inches) in men and 80 cm (31.5 inches) in women significantly increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes and should be considered a “new vital sign” as important as taking your blood pressure and heart rate, according to the Canadian guidelines on the prevention and treatment of obesity.

I may have already mentioned that I don’t own a scale. I get my annual “weigh in” when I have my check up with my MD (colourfully described on June 25). I do however gauge how my clothes fit as my way to monitor my dimensions. Doing a quick measure of waist is another quick way. I don’t believe in being obsessed with taking any one measure but keeping an eye on where you’re at makes a lot of sense. Too much can get out of hand if you monitor your status too infrequently.

Whenever it’s someone’s birthday, I always joke and ask “How many rings are around the trunk??!!” Meaning, how old are you, using a tree analogy. Ha Ha. Now we should keep an eye on the “rings around our trunk” literally, so doing this gut check is a good idea.

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