Food Revolution Green Salad Variations

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I thought I’d share another recipe now that summer’s in full swing. I make a green salad for most week-night dinners no matter the season and use similar elements for company. I consistently get rave reviews, so why change it up? It usually depends on what I have on hand or my mood. Kind of like that Bugs Bunny show where the Tazmanian Devil was tossing salad…..

Ingredients – Basic Elements

lettuce combinations (any combo of washed lettuce, watercress or spinach)

spanish onion cut up

English cucumber peeled and cut into pieces

washed cherry tomatoes

cut up dried fruits (any combination of cranberries, raisins, cherries, blueberries, dates, apricots)

sprinkle of nuts (roasted pine, sunflower, peanuts, pumpkin, cashews, walnuts, pecans or chic peas)

salt and pepper to taste

balsamic vinegar

olive oil (whatever the virginity…..extra virgin or otherwise)


fresh fruit cut up (grapefruit or any kind of berry or mango or apple or pear or pomegranate)

plain goat’s cheese (crumbled over the ingredients before tossing)

Salad Commentary

Ok for starters, let’s talk about the green stuff – lettuces, watercress or spinach. I envy this generation who may never know that lettuce comes in the form of a head. And no, I’m not talking dirty!! Remember those days of washing the sand and gravel out of the leaves?Especially the Boston Bibb, what a treat that was. It was impossible to get the sand out of all of those ruddy leaves. What’s all the hoopla people are making, complaining about the multitude of lettuce selections and combinations available in bags? Give the complainers a few heads of lettuce to wash and we’ll be finding ourselves washing their mouths out with soap from their experience. Get over it!

I always cut up peeled cucumber, spanish onion and add a handful of washed cherry tomatoes. I love including pieces dried fruits to pump up the taste. Then for a nice crunch, any kind of nut will do. If I want to take a short cut I’ll add a trail mix that contains dried fruit and nuts. My hubby says he feels like a bird eating all of the nuts at the bottom of the bowl. He’s starting to look like one, he even has the neck movement down pat…and the balking sound :-)

If I have extra fresh fruit needing to get used, I’ll add some in, like fresh strawberries, blueberries, mango or de-skinned grapefruit. If you really want to say I love you, add jewels of pomegranate. That adds elegance and panache.

In addition to salt and pepper to taste, pour in some balsamic vinegar and olive oil and toss it all up before serving. I’ve used balsamic that costs $3 to $25/bottle and the salad always tastes great. No I don’t chew on tobacco or smoke cigars resulting in desensitizing my taste buds. Spending more here isn’t always required. Also, who needs to fuss with a multitude of bottled dressings? Not me.

For meatless meals I’ll add a small package of plain goat’s cheese. That’ll give you that extra yum you don’t usually find in a salad. It almost tastes like dessert with a texture and flavour explosion in your mouth like a symphony crescendo by Mother Nature herself – ta da!! Mmmmm yes, very salad-isfying. This can be a stand alone meal, similar to the tomato salad I posted yesterday (June 22).

Do you have a secret salad recipe you’re willing to share?? Come on, spill it…..

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