Make Connecting with Friends a Priority

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Can you believe it’s almost July already? My parents used to say how fast time flies when you get older. Boy were they right. Ok, I sound like an old fart, but I know you’re thinking the same thing. I used to care for my garden yet hardly used it for entertaining. Part of the reason was I set the bar too high, thinking I needed to do the fancy-shmansy thing. Fancy-shmansy is not in my repertoire. Then I thought, forget it, it’s not about having fussy food, but about connecting with friends and getting together that’s important. A paradigm shift in my thinking, then upward and onward ho!!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t serve up peanut butter and jam sandwiches with milk. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!!  But I do make myself keep things super easy and focus on connecting. No one who comes over ever feels I’ve slaved and we all enjoy catching up. So, guilt free all round….

Take the week before I went away for example. It was time to catch up with 2 of my good friends. Each are friends from different aspects of my life, so I decided to organize these back to back. It sounds nutty, but it worked out just fine.

What did I serve? Well remember those calzones I made back in April (see April 2 post). There was  extra filling leftover that I froze back then. So I got another pizza dough, tomato sauce, made a side salad and presto, dinner for deux!! Now the following evening I had the pizza leftover from my May 14th post. Sorry Gayle King, I’ll have to make another batch if you want to try some!! This was also served with a nice side salad. I can literally run in from the office at 5:15, wash up and change to be ready for company by 6:00. It’s a snap. And Martha Stewart is not on my guest list!!

I usually arrange a cheese tray with olives, crackers, nuts and fresh fruit before dinner. My friend Joan (in the pic taken when we celebrated her 50th) always arrives early and helps me get organized. We have a lot of catching up to do :-) For week night dessert with company I always have seasonal fruit, a little dish of my Mom’s biscotti with a few single chocolates.

I no longer let season on end to go by thinking “hmmmmm I should have connected with so & so”. Life is too short to let time slip by without keeping in touch with good friends.

Keep it simple, because it’s about staying connected and friendship that matters most.

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