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Are you gunning for a weight goal that you ought to reach somewhere down the road? Is it bringing you down? There’s been a lot of talk about “staying in the moment”. A bit of Erchart Tolle’s wisdom.

We live in such an instant society where we’re so used to getting what we want, when we want and how we want it – pronto already!! Waiting for the energy intake and output equation to tip the scale in your favour doesn’t fit into that “instant” mindset that we’re used to. Well that old adage “slow and steady wins the race” surely applies to this situation in spades. I’m sure we have all experienced this first hand or know someone who has lost weight super quickly. We also know they gain it all back, plus more even faster. Don’t do it to yourself even if you’re tempted.

I find people psych themselves out by focusing on staying on track far into the future – next month, next season, next birthday and decide to throw in the diet towel because it’s too darn overwhelming. One approach that always helps me is narrowing my focus to “just for today”. Here’s an example of how the script could go:

  • I will do my walk, just for today
  • I will try to eat 5-10 fruits and veggies, just for today
  • I will not skip any meals (especially breakfast), just for today
  • All foods can fit, but I’ll be sure to trade off, just for today
  • I will aim to choose from most of the food groups at all meals, just for today
  • I will try to drink mostly no cal drinks (not including milk), plus water, just for today
  • I will fit in my mat routine, weights and stretching, just for today
  • I will focus on my satiety level and stop eating when I feel comfortably satisfied, just for today (like I did in the photo)

Got the idea? Now, write your own script. When your mind starts to wander doing weight loss math – “well, it’s ~11 weeks until the wedding, if I lose 2 pounds per week from now ’til then that will add up to…” put your pen and calculator down and find your centre. I’m not suggesting not to make goals and plans. What I am suggesting is to stay in the moment and do all you can “just for today”. Don’t forget there will be birthday celebrations, PMS’ing, Father’s Day, showers and more until that wedding arrives.

So remember, stay in the moment and focus on today. When you do this all of your tomorrows will fall in to place.

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