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We’re so gullible sometimes, aren’t we? The literature tells us that our eating and drinking is so easily influenced when we’re with other people. Often times peer pressure kicks in to surrender those good intentions to partake in the excess frenzy going on around us. The longer the meal the higher the energy intake, generally. When Betty-Sue decides she’s going for the chocolate lava cake you KNOW she wants to draw you into her eating vortex. It’s as if we get more devilish in a group, like “truth or dare”, but this is “sloth and share”. Time!!

I say lead, don’t follow. Make up your mind ahead of time of what you’re going to order, even before you hop in the car. These days so many restaurant menus are on-line. Take a boo in the afternoon and decide. This’ll take out all of the guesswork and food jockeying while at the table. You won’t even need to open your menu.

I eat out quite a bit and am a big believer you can stay close to keeping on track no matter where you eat. For me eating IS entertainment with much to enjoy. Try starting off your meal with some soup or salad and sip on fizzy mineral water before starting with the wine or mixed drinks. This helps take the edge off your appetite helping you slow down the eating pace and staying in the moment of enjoyment rather than dying for the next course to arrive.

Try to head into one of these meals with the mindset that you can have dessert if you want provided you’re not too full by then. This removes the childish notion of wanting something 10 times more if you say you can’t have it. By the mere suggestion of keeping a vague gauge on satiety may end up with you not wanting dessert after all, this time. As far as food and drink goes, nothing is off limits, just watch the amounts. AND try focusing on your goals “just for today”.

So when it comes to eating and drinking with a group, lead don’t follow. You’ll be happy you did, especially the morning after!

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