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Get RAW or Maybe NOT

December 31st, 2012 No Comments Tags: ,

I recently had the pleasure of dining at a restaurant featuring raw, vegan food. Oh joy! I haven’t quite experienced this food craze ’til now. I don’t think I’ll try it again any time soon, either. I may preach incessantly about getting your 5-10 a day of veggies and fruit and I will continue. But this has taken “healthy” out of the granola crunch ball park to a whole new stratosphere. One plane I will not evolve to.

This novel dining establishment was on the California coast. I thought “…how great it would be to give this a try as a New Year rolls in like the waves on the beach”. I have a full understanding that a “raw diet” doesn’t cook or barely heat anything. I didn’t quite realize how much I long for hot food though. Oh my! When my luke warm frothy tomato soup arrived I wanted to ask our bubbly waitress to nuke it. That would mean they’d need to have a microwave….. duh.

A few menu recommendations were given. I figured it’d be safe to follow the suggestions, one being “amazing lasagna”. How can you turn your nose up on that? She explained that because they were vegan they don’t have real cheese, but make something like it from nuts. Hmmmm. Trust me, it wasn’t anything like it. Not even close. Thank goodness for organic chardonnay. It washes anything down well, while lifting my spirits.

As my spirits were rising a local patron sauntered in rather raw looking himself and not necessarily in a good way. A prophet-like fellow, the real Gandolf the Grey with hair down to his waist, a beard almost as long and of course sandals. Ok this guy took “Movember” to a whole new level, starting say 15 years ago. Where’s Edward Scissor-hands when you need him or Mario the barber? He sat there making flowers out of paper. How novel! Then dinner just got giggly….

My so called “amazing” lasagna arrived along with another glass of organic wine, this time Pinot Noir. Now, I KNOW amazing because my Mom is Italian and makes ALL food amazing including lasagna. This was a luke warm pile of uncooked veggies with that cheese substitute sauce made from nuts that looked like Thousand Island dressing. Oh maybe I need a third glass of wine to help adjust my attitude. Where’s the parmagiana? Where are the noodles? Come on lady, throw me a bone….please and make it a real one.

From my seat in the restaurant I can see “TK Burger” across the street for which they have a drive thru lane. A perfect trap door from this too healthy California dreaming experience. Order mine with the works!

Ya I love healthy food, but I truly love healthy food that tastes amazing. Truly amazing. Why compromise? I can think of a number of things in life I want raw and food does not make my list. Give me a fresh salad. Give me a crunchy fruit but that’s as raw in the food department as I’m ready to get. Ok so call me a Neanderthal, I don’t care. I’ll be ordering a steak the same time tomorrow you can bet on that. Since God created fire, please prepare mine with heat, with steam and everything. Even better sprinkle a bit of cheese on it too. REAL cheese.

This little experiment was worth trying for a day. One day only. Been there. Done that. Woke up hungry ready for a hot breakfast. A good practice though, for when my power goes out….

Happy New Year! Consider making one change for the better, not 101. One positive step in the right direction is a perfect way to start the New Year off right.

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Study Results NOT Sitting Pretty

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When I reflect on what research had the greatest impact on me in 2012, it was the myriad studies on sitting… and the results do NOT sit pretty on my conscience, that’s for sure. I think the movie Wal-ii could be our present day mirror into the future of what the human race is turning into – perpetual sitters and drink sippers with exploding girths with no skinny jeans in sight. Good grief.

Not only have the researchers pointed out how little we move they even rank prolonged sitting as a risk factor. Who would have thunk?? I often sit and write in my proverbial ivony tower bestowing blog-worthy health wisdom to you my T & T followers. But I had to do a personal 180 on this sitting thing and give myself a bonk in the head to turn my own beat around.

Like many I am blessed and cursed with a desk job. My blood pressure is too low at 90 over 60 to switch to one of those “standing office” desk set ups or I’d be falling down on the job literally, going boom before 9:30am.

I received a pedometer earlier in the year to get a handle on my “step count”. Then I have consciously changed my walking to a few times each day adding onto that 60 minute baseline with an extra 20-40 minutes most days. Talk about a great way to get the lead out, think through work plans and blow off steam. Add to that my mat routine every second day. I started off last year avoiding this and got a flab tire around my waist by March. Been there done that and now I invest 16 minutes into my hourglass to get and stay toned. And no I don’t go to a gym.

Yes there’s a lot to balance in life. In the health department we need to balance what we eat to burn more to stay in shape. Being more active doesn’t only affect your body but your mind and spirit as well. How great is that? Very! So if you decide to make one change this New Year find ways to move more. Stand up and beat the odds of this new risk factor!

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Making Plans for 2013??

December 26th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

Well folks you know where I stand on making New Year’s resolutions. In two words, I don’t! What’s so magical about January 1st anyways? If this is your only day to make a new goal to change you’ve got an excuse to be naughty and not nice for the balance of the year before next New Year. Think again! Any day of the year is a good day to make a change to better yourself. Here’s a handy list of ideas to consider now and to refer to all year though.

DO – Aim to get more active every season of the year. Get moving!

DON’T – Eat with distractions, especially in front of the TV. Be mindful!

DO – Work toward having more meals together as a family. Connect!

DON’T – Start any fad diet. Be sensible!

DO – Try a new easy, healthy recipe every few weeks and aim to cook more. Get cooking!

DON’T – Weigh yourself every day. You’ll go batty. Focus on positive changes!

DO – Get off your duff and more more. Your life could depend on it. Worth stating twice!

DON’T – Eliminate your favourite foods, you’ll just crave them like crazy. Get real!

DO – Plan to make food choices using all of the food groups. Stay balanced!

DON’T – Follow the crowd, follow your own inner voice and plans. Be a leader!

DO – Take the RealAge test once per year. It’s VERY insightful. Get younger!

DON’T – Make excuses. Trust me, there are people worse off than you, so tune your attitude in. Get real!

DO – Get in the habit of reading food product labels. Knowledge is power. Be informed!

DON’T – Change your plans like the wind changes direction every time the news reports on a different study. Stay focused!

DO – Take your annual physical check up and dentist visit. Stay on top of things because prevention is key. Think prevention!

DON’T – Take anecdotal advice. Just because Aunt Jane is a smart accountant, doesn’t mean she knows squat about nutrition. Get reliable advice!

DO – Work in small rewards and love yourself more. Be your own best friend. Get pumped!

DON’T – Aim for perfection. Be realistic!

DO – Work on looking and feeling better everyday. You may do better when you feel great. Stay motivated!

Ok, so there you have it,  some food for thought as we propel ourselves to the New Year.

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Christmas Drama & Christmas Peace

December 23rd, 2012 No Comments Tags: ,

This week alone, this sacred week before the big day I’ve heard more people talk about drama! What gives? Christmas time is for connecting, breaking bread, chilling and enjoying. Some people spin like a top out of control just like the wind that blew into the city this week. Or shall I say, blew out….

I’m looking to find peace this season that spills into the New Year. Truly folks it is a time to find peace. One thing I know for sure is you can only find peace within you. No one can give it to you. No thing will deliver it to you. No speech can instil it in you. No nectar can spill it in you. It’s something that lives in you. If you can’t find it, you’re not looking hard enough. Don’t stop ’til you find it.

  • I found it this morning while learning how to make my Mom’s secret Christmas Eve recipe Coquilles St. Jacque – a special moment we shared together.
  • I found peace when my friend announced that her daughter is having a boy –  how joyful.
  • I found peace when I heard the news that my Sunshine niece got engaged to her guiding light – how exciting.
  • I found peace sharing my home-made truffles with friends, family and neighbours.
  • I found peace having a family Christmas-cake bake-off with all of my nieces and nephews, carrying on a long held tradition woven into out family fabric.
  • I find peace in being here and able to help aging, ailing parents, cause who knows what the future will bring.

When you go out seeking peace stop yourself and find a quiet time and place to discover it in you.

When you find it hang on to it like a rock climber hangs on his rope. Don’t let go! Peace really is the answer.

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Twas the Night Before Christmas

December 19th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , , , ,

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through my room,

Was a sugar rush happening, and a big sense of doom.

I had come down to realize, I would make me a plan,

And to see just how with it, so with notions I ran.

I did some soul searching, and got my head straight,

One of these, one of those, eh, that’s all that I ate.

I would loosen up the rules, during this most cherished time,

That brings small yummy pleasures, would be oh so very fine.

In the meantime I’d up the ante on my activity routine.

Or the extras would come back to bite me come New Year’s scene.

It’s a balancing act of those ins with those outs.

By staying in the moment surely gives you more clout.

Change your focus to enjoy all aspects of the season.

Sharing joy with one another is really the reason.

To celebrate to the max like it’s 1999.

Cause really who knows what next year’ll bring….we’ll know in time.


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Lights Out on the Twinkie

December 16th, 2012 No Comments Tags:

It is a time of joy and hope isn’t it? I recently read that the lights are going out on the notorious Twinkie. You know this Franken-food that has a longer shelf life than food on Jean Luc Picard’s Voyager. Over the decades these have lurked in school cafeterias, in vending machines, in variety stores, in gas station convenience stores often laden with a quarter inch of dust yet seemed fresh even though they came off the line in 1969. Ya, that Twinkie.

I remember those young foolish days in high school where many students would routinely nosh on these nutritional-nothings that provide loads of energy, fat, sugar and in the olden days trans fat galore. If we could only make a law that people up their sensory experience when it comes to eating where you sit and gnaw on these slowly, experience the taste and most of all that lingering aftertaste for a few hours. Not to mention think about how you actually felt later. If people actually did this, they would surely change their choices.

That’s what eating ought to be – a positive experience from start to finish that tantalizes with the first taste and rejuvenates your body like good-for-you food is intended. Now that’s nutrition nirvana in my books. Something to strive for, that’s for sure.

As the lights go out on this Twinkie era, what will replace it? May the nutrition Goddesses win this time with something truly pure.

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Give Yourself a “Yoo Hoo”, Avoid the “Boo Hoo”

December 14th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , ,

If there is indeed an eating vortex, I do believe it began during the holidays. One noshfest that leads to another that starts out all innocent like when the holly’s first hung can end up with you needing to let out that slinky black number you were planning on wearing New Year’s. Giving yourself a grand wake up call “Yoo Hoo” early on can surely help make your Christmas Season bright(er).

Look, I partake in the pity pudding like the next gal, but I draw a proverbial line in the snow that I aim not to cross most of the time. This day and age the images, the carols and the fa la la la la has begun since Halloween extending the season for some by an extra month jolly excess.
Ok so here’s some food for thought as you dive into all the season has to offer:
  • DO plan to wear a smashing outfit with a cinched waistband to your party, that’ll help keep your noshing in tact.
  • DON’T tell yourself you can’t eat your favourite foods, cause you’re just gonna give in and binge 2 times more.
  • DO have a snack before you go to your party, to help curb your appetite.
  • DON’T start drinking those bottomless glasses of wine, that seems like 1 that’s really 5.
  • DO keep track of your bevy’s and plan to enjoy a few then graduate to mineral water with lime.
  • DON’T try to make your hostess overjoyed by overdoing it. You’ll be paying in spades if you do.
  • DO get a handle on the menu ahead of time so you can plan your indulgences according.
  • DON’T skip, skip, skip your exercise cause that gald dang energy equation will bite you in your butt if you do.
  • DO enjoy yourself and your family with the season, cause it only commeth once per year.

So before you get too knee deep in the Christmas fun, give yourself a loud Yoooo Hoooo cause you’ll be happy once you doooooooo!!


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Follow the Herd? Baaaa-d Idea!

December 12th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , ,

I get my eyeballs frosted when I hear about the latest products touting “too good to be true” empty promises to supposedly help people lose weight. This time it’s an extract from green coffee beans and people are clamouring to get some. Only thing is it’s a baaaa-d idea. Why follow the herd?

Losing weight can be complicated enough even when you’re being more active, eating less and trying to be more mindful. If it was a cinch there wouldn’t be a global epidemic. These foundational efforts cannot be replaced by any elixir, ever. What timing though – as that notorious New Year’s resolution season is drawing near. Why not buy a case of this stuff and just pop these puppies when the ball drops at the strike of midnight as 2013 rolls in. What gives?

What drives me even more mad is to think that someone is on the right track, losing weight slowly then gets head winked by these empty promises and ends up on the slippery slope to No Where Land in the weight loss department. Good grief.

The moral of this story is if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. So don’t give it another thought. And for goodness sake, know a baaaa-d idea when you see one and don’t follow the herd!

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Journal Your Journey

December 10th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , ,

There have been a lot of studies done on the benefits of journaling your weight loss journey. Writing down everything that passes your lips, every crumb, sip and nibble makes you aware of what’s going down the hatch. One study followed 1,700 people on a weight loss program and found participants who journaled lost twice as much weight within 6 months as those who didn’t. Who needs boot camp when you can be your own boot camp leader could lead to a smaller booty?

These days eating happens in so many places on the fly from running to work, to working at the computer, to nibbling at your secretary’s desk, during food preparation, watching television and more. So much eating happens when people are concentrating on other things, other than eating and its ultimate enjoyment. Consider the following:

  • Train your eye and measure initially as you jot down
  • Let it all hang out and write it all to get a clear picture
  • Do it daily and even as your day proceeds – the devil’s in the details
  • Review, observe, find clues then make goals

It’s helpful to take stock of what you eat and drink when you’re trying to lose weight. Once you get in the groove of journalling it’ll become second nature. These days you can track your intake electronically or the old fashioned way with pen & paper. Each page will hold the personal clues to what you need to change. Start now, why wait for the New Year….

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Getting Rough on the Fast Food Smoothie

December 7th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , , , ,

While I’m shedding light on rethinking your drink, let’s shine the spotlight on fast food fruit smoothies, shall we. Chances are if you’re gravitating toward these you want to make a better, healthier choice. And I say, “good for you!”

Buyer beware though, that some of these halo’d bevy’s might be high on taste and plus sized, but also loaded with sugar and calories without all of those antioxidants you were seeking. Do a quick check on the Internet if you do frequent fast food places to find out more about some of these devilish drinks. You might not have realized you’ve been guzzling back 300-400 calories a serving without even realizing.

Knowledge is power. When you know better you do better. You can certainly work these in as a treat or change your bevy of choice if these numbers we’re part of your plan. Better yet control what goes into yours by making your own at home.

Get the facts and rethink your drink!

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