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Pondering Progress While Wrapping Up the All Inclusive

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I’ve been deep in the pluck dow lately pondering the meaning of progress, hmmmmmm. Truth be told I did some travel to some unique places that meandered through Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Hungary. It was educational and enriching to venture on some roads and waters less travelled rather than visiting the usual “A” list of destinations. The whole experience had me turning some well ingrained concepts on their proverbial heads from what I’ve seen.

I was struck, for instance, at the way of life in Bulgaria, a relatively poor country by “our world’s” market standards. Not only is their earning potential relatively low, but 1.5 million of their young adults out of their 9 million population have chosen to emigrate to seemingly greener pastures. The hard working people routinely grow food and preserve it to get through each winter. They heat their homes with wood stoves. Although our tour guides attest to them having a solid educational system and more.

As the tour meandered through Eastern Europe stories like these bubbled through my brain that brought feelings of humility to my mind and heart comparing this to our own Western ways. We seem to get caught up in all of the stuff that complicates lives to the max at the other extreme. Gee if I had to preserve food to get through the next winter I’d wager we’d end up pretty dang hungry by November, never mind making to the spring.

I got the sense the communities were small and tight focusing in on what’s important. One university student tapped my husband on the shoulder while we walked through the little town of Plovdiv and struck up a conversation wondering why on earth we decided to tour in HIS little town. Our road and water tours in this “less travelled” territory put hard working, salt of the earth people with unique trades to the forefront. Their crafts people were proud and they enriched our experience with their family folklore and fine food.

Hmmmmm I thought, what is progress?? Maybe they have it all right and we have it all wrong. As sometimes I think the pendulum of proverbial progress has swung so ridiculously far I feel we could use a dose of simplicity in our lives. I don’t know if I’ve found the answer to this question, but I know I’ve enjoyed the educational journey that got me asking some of life’s very important questions and opening my heart to new norms.

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From La La Vacation Land Back to Reality

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I always love a vacation, but I always love returning home even more. I’ve clicked the heels of my proverbial ruby slippers and hit the ground running after being in la la land – good grief. Gone are the breakfast buffets, lunch choices galore and over flowing glasses of wine with din din. I can still hear Bill Joel sing “bottle of white, bottle of red….. ahhh I digress. Hey, what gives??!!

My most important rule of thumb is to vamoose yourself back into your pre-vacay eating and exercise routine and fast. Porridge anyone? Though shalt peel your own fruit, make your own salads and get thee to the grocery store to stock up on a multitude of healthy choices and fast. Bye bye Milka chocolates on my pillow, a fond and tasty farewell.

It is also imperative to be mindful of the grumbling games your tum tum will be making. Don’t confuse this gypsy music as hunger, but from overeating while away. Yes folks reality bites!! I usually find it takes a few days to get my tummy stretch receptors back to eating smaller amounts. Be patient and tune out the grumbling.

I also need to blow the dust off my matt and weights to resume my full array of exercises. Lately the only sit up I’ve been doing is getting up out of bed in the morning. I’ll be feeling the burn for a little while to get any extra adipose out out and away from my system. I’ll be also back to walking at full speed from that saunter while walking with the Golden Girls while touring. I was inspired from some 60 year olds who doubled as 40 somethings while away. Hmmmm I wonder what pickle juice they use to preserve themselves?? I think it’s a lot of good hard work and attention to detail to look that great…… time to take it up a notch.

Some people wonder if a GI cleanse is in order. Hmmmm good question. I’ll admit I’m doing one better. I strategically scheduled my colonoscopy for next week at which time I’ll be on fluids as I sit by my lavatory…….. Ya that’s me, always thinkin’!!

Welcome back!! There’s no place like home :-)

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More All Inclusive Wisdom

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Here are a few more pearls of wisdom to consider while on an all inclusive. Remember, all calories count on the all inclusive as well…… take out your abacus cause this can really add up!!

Alcohol Free-For-All
Oh for the love of happy hour!! While away every hour seems like happy hour – how great!! I wrote about how fluids are food on July 4, 2011 so give that a little review as a reminder. Even if alcohol is included in the price of your trip trying to get your money’s worth by overdoing it can put a monkey wrench in your energy intake AND your reputation, if you catch my drift!! Enjoy your bevy’s, but at some point you just have to put a lid on it…. literally.

I love wine with meals but wine at lunch makes me want to sleep all afternoon which doesn’t bode well for touring. I enjoy my white and red wine with dinner and make a plan of what I’ll have before it starts flowing. As it starts going to my head my decision making goes down the tubes and I’d totally lose track. I sip and enjoy yet don’t wake up each morning with a hangover.

“Getting Your Money’s Worth” Adds to Your Girth
If you’re economically minded and want to get “more for your money honey” on your all inclusive, you may feel you “got more” but when the button on your trousers can’t do up what have you really saved?? To me, it’s all about balance. Sure you’re away. Try new food and drinks that’s part of the enjoyable experience. But when you overdo it day after day how good are you gonna feel when you come back to reality. I like to feel relaxed and refreshed all ready to take on the world. At my age of 50 I don’t have a lot of extra brain cells to spare, so I like to hang on to what I’ve got!!

Focus on the Experience
Food is certainly one way to enjoy a destination’s culture. Slebovic anyone?? But keep in mind it is merely one of many ways. You’ll meet new friendly people. Visit some interesting sights. You’ll see some lovely landscapes, garden-scapes and seascapes. You’ll learn interesting tid bits about history and a people’s way of life that’s different than your own. And you may get some interesting crafts and treasures characteristic of your destination. All of this is no-cal, most enriching and may even be life changing. Keeping an open mind and heart about other cultures can open your mind and heart that adds to my other mantra that there’s more than a thousand ways to do the same thing right. YOUR way isn’t the only way.

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All Inclusive Food for Thought – Stealth Tips

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Continuing on the “All Inclusive” theme, here are more tips to help you keep on track while you’re enjoying your vacation.

Don’t Confuse the Cues
I find there’s a magical disappearance of the feeling of hunger altogether while on these all inclusive junkets. If you do feel rumbling in your tumbly it might be because the stretch receptors in your stomach have gotten used to eating more. Don’t confuse this sensation for hunger, cause when you get home you might continue to eat into this same volume of food. Nay nay I say!!

It is a good idea to cue into your level of satiety from time to time while away because all of the party hearty, buffets and snacks can get you to lose touch with these feelings. Again, no you’re not on a diet while away, but you’re really trying to keep a handle on damage control along the way.

When you return home be mindful of this and gear down on the eating front. There’ll be a few days of extra tummy rumbling as you make the adjustment back to your usual home fare, but it is a necessary one, nonetheless.

Doing Something’s Better Than Doing Nothing
It’s important to be flexible in more ways that one with your exercise routine while away. It’s great to see the sights by foot if possible, as every little step is a step in the right direction. I find holiday places are often outfitted with gyms so I always take exercise gear. I would certainly not squeeze out a tour for a workout while away. But if you have some days loaded with free time why not work in a work out.

Expect that the equipment will be different from what you’re used to using at home. It’s enriching to flex your routine by doing something a little bit different. I’ll admit I lapse my “mat routine” exercises and arm weights but do aim to get some cardio. Doing something is certainly better than doing nothing. An exercise change-up is a good thing, so I’ll jump back in with gusto upon my return home.

Pace Yourself
In life and on vacation pacing yourself is the name of the game. I have divulged many times I’m more like a tortoise than anything. My mantra is “slow and steady wins the race”. I think it’s important to get your rest while away to help recharge your battery. How ever you plan to get your rest is up to you. You may wish to stay up late and sleep in or catch a siesta some time in the day or while travelling on a tour bus to your destination. If you party too hard you’ll re-emerge back to reality needing another vacation. How nutty is that??!! Do enjoy to the max but find a pace that helps you recharge.

No Mu Mu’s or Elasticized Waistbands
I’m all for comfort but I like to draw the line of what to wear for eating time while on an all inclusive. There’s something about wearing something with a non-elasticized waistband that helps me be mindful during eating time. Wearing expando anything can help fool yourself that you “haven’t eaten THAT much, have I??!!” This is a simple stealth strategy that works. Why not wear something that makes you feel divine then you’ll be that much more aware of not wanting to overdo it.

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All Inclusive Food for Thought – Everytime’s Mealtime

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For starters, we need to get our headspace right while on vacation, especially while on an all inclusive. Instead of “trying to diet” truth be told, I’m “dying to try it”. Come on folks, how about loosening up a smidgen while away and enjoy. It’s all about finding a balance between the two polar ends of the spectrum, don’t you think??

Buffet Bonanza
The tantalizing offerings of a buffet can tickle your taste buds yet not necessarily tip the scale. Using similar strategies like on any special eating occasion is where it’s at. If you’re away for a weekend, a week or longer the more important it is to be smart about this. Certainly partake in some of your favourites but aim to try a small amount, savour it, and enjoy another favourite tomorrow.

Look for a smaller plate if available and be mindful of making a few choices. Sit, enjoy, let what you’re eating register and think about how full you’re feeling. I find it’s easier to do this for breakfast, say, that is alcohol free than dinner with wine. Chances are in a few short hours there is another eating opportunity, snack time or happy hour. I am sure you might be experiencing a lot of interesting things, while your “full meter” is registered on high since your arrival.

Prepared Lunch & Munch
You may have some planned meals with little choice if you’re travelling in a group. More often than not you can find out what’s on the menu and make a decision around what’s your going to eat. Cue in to your degree of hunger before picking up your fork or spoon. You may surprise yourself and realize you’re really not all that hungry at all and still may be a tad full since breakfast. If this is the case proceed accordingly.

Gear down on the shovelling in and gear up on the conversation. Load up on water yet try to enjoy something of everything, then relinquish your utensils in surrender knowing your next eating experience will happen in a few short hours. Maybe sooner.

Dinner Menu Mambo
I don’t know about you but I enjoy a lovely dinner, get dressed up to go out to play. I think about what I’m feeling like having and work around it. Again, the “all or none” mentality does not apply. I cannot load up on a high cal treat in every course but can on 1 if the feeling moves me. Focus on taste and think about satiety are the rules of the dinner plan. Never go to dinner without a waistband is an important rule of thumb. It serves as my proverbial “tap on the shoulder” or “tug on tummy” when I’m passing the upper limit of my fullness meter.

I will continue on this “All Inclusive” theme all week. Now go see some sights!!

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All Inclusive Food for Thought

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As people are venturing on vacations of different sorts this fine summer we can still keep a handle on our handles through it all. Keep your head about you, do a bit of planning while maximizing your enjoyment. A dieting mentality doesn’t bode well at the buffet, yet a free for all one doesn’t either. Let’s find some middle ground, shall we??!!

General Approach
I try to ensure I have my 5-10 fruits and veggies each day while away, so salads at meals, side veggies and fruits are a sure help to meet that goal. No cal bevy’s are the order of each day, loading up on water for hydration, but I bend on that rule with wine at dinner with a few glasses max.

While on vacation I try to eat slowly and enjoy the food. It’s a great time to get spoiled and enjoy some new offerings that someone else makes. Eating more slowly and zeroing in on hunger and satiety cues surely helps. This allows me to be aware of my fullness meter registering giving the high sign to “wooooh horsey”.

I make a plan to partake in the main meals without all of the in between stuff. There’s plenty of eating to be had on these junkets so choose your moments and keep your head about you. More than anything though be realistic. I’m not saying throw caution to the wind and turn on your “eating machine” nor am I saying to wire your jaw shut and make eating a spectator sport. Find some middle ground, get max enjoyment on your well deserved vacay remembering to focus on your total experience – eating being one aspect of the whole experience yet not the only aspect. Tally ho!!

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Moderation Under the Microscope – Reinforcements

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Continuing with this week’s theme that stemmed from the June 29, 2011 post on that significant Harvard Study. I wanted to take the time to talk about those foods the experts noted to help with weight maintenance and even a bit of loss. Listen up folks – here are some golden nutritional nuggets for you!!

Bring in the Reinforcements – Work in the Weight Stabilizers
Ok folks, let’s find our center on all of this, shall we?? If you were the coach of a team, wouldn’t you want to recruit winners to help you win?? Of course you would. Well, the same strategy applies to eating. Write out this shortlist and put it on your fridge. If you don’t already eat this stuff consider ways of incorporating them bit by bit into your diet. Hey if you want to do the “quick change” go for it. Take an hour and go through your cupboards, pantry and fridge for the items noted above and the “good guys” noted below.

Admit it, you’ve seen Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizin do the pantry clean out on TV. How about Jamie Oliver in his “Food Revolution” series?? Take a good hard look at what you’ve got stocked up in your pantry. From here on in make a pact with yourself on working down (and perhaps out) the perps (posted a few days ago) and working in those foods that help stabilize your weight. I wouldn’t suggest you hold a town hall meeting with the bella familia but take the stealth approach. Because really, there are SO many good tasty options that fit it’s ridiculous, you’ll wonder why you didn’t move your cheese earlier and give these a try.

Fruits & Veg – Ok folks, so call me a broken record already, I won’t be offended!! I have written about the importance of getting your 5-10 a day many times. I live by it and stand by it and swear by it. Give a re-read of the following posts and open your mind to working more of this in while you work out the culprits from your regimen posted May 12, 2010, October 27, 2010, December 7, 2010 and June 12, 2011.

Nuts to That - And yes, I’ve been writing the Cracked UP series touting the benefits of nuts in your diet. Open your mind to working in some of these as well. April 21, May 11, June 20 with more nutty details to come in the future.

Go with the Grain – Whole Grains – Yes don’t be ashamed to be unrefined in the grain department, because as I mentioned previously not only do these taste terrifico they help fill you up. Go with with the grain in your breads, pastas cereals most of the time and you will surely notice a difference in your fullness factor. Do make sure you drink enough fluids when you up your fibre intake to keep your systems flowing, from stopping-then-going, if you catch my drift.

Yoghurt Culture - Acculturate yourself to try and have yoghurt every day. It’s a super way to help get your dairy product quota each day. It’s a perfect protein source. These days you’re hard pressed not to find pre or probiotics in any one brand. Go for it and have it often. I do have it at least 5 times per week, sometimes more. For me it’s a dietary staple. Give it a try.

I offer up this series for your thoughtful consideration. I don’t want you to take the gloves off and say “ok that’s it, I’m so far off the mark, I give up”. I DO want you to say, hmmmmm what from all of these scientific nuggets am I willing to try? Aim for 2, maybe 3, even 1 new idea is fine. Give it a try day after day, week after week. When you’re used to doing that, try something else that seems appealing. And keep this up for the weeks and months to come. I’m confident you’ll see and feel a difference in time by taking these baby steps.

Let me know how it goes. Good luck!!

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Moderation Under the Microscope – Lifestyle

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Continuing with this week’s theme that stemmed from the June 29, 2011 post on that significant Harvard Study. I wanted to take the time to focus on the lifestyle aspects that stood out for the researchers. Here are some tidbits to consider living by in your day-to-day routine.  Listen up and take stock!!

The Idiot Box – The researches found that watching more than 1 hour of television per day was related to weight gain of the subjects. Take stock if this is an aspect of your life you can consider limiting if being overweight is an issue for you.

I will admit that I watch TV most every evening for more than 1 hour per day. But you already know that I make it a point to walk 3 miles per day, 7 days a week, every single season. Even if I have to break this down into 15 minute intervals I will do it. It helps keep me sane and fit. While you’re tracking your eating & drinking for 1 week be mindful of these lifestyle factors as well.

Like moderation of eating and drinking, the same thing applies here. It’s so easy to change into your comfy wear and plunk yourself in front of the TV each evening even if there’s nothing to watch for a few of the hours. Consider watching only what you’re interested in and turning it off and going outside for some fresh air in between. This may soon turn into a new habit that’s enticing to continue.

Alcohol – If you’re drinking alcohol every single day we need to have a little chat. Not only does this add too many calories – more importantly you may need to sign up to a local AA meeting near you. Truly folks find other ways to create “happy hour” without alcohol every day. Moderation is certainly the key and having a few days off wouldn’t hurt you any.

Sleeping – Do you get your 6-8 hours of z’s every night? Because getting enough will certainly help you in many aspects of your life, including your weight. I wrote “If You Don’t Snooze You Won’t Lose” on September 8, 2010 & March 1, 2011 on caffeine and kids, so give these a review. Also I wrote about caffeine intake June 19, 2011 and if you’re jacked up on the stuff that could be interfering with your sleep pattern. Find ways to wean it down and moderate this element because the same rule applies here.

How We Eat
Although it wasn’t noted in the study, I feel the need to mention it here on how we eat. Yesterday I was driving the car and noticed the lady driving behind me was distracted, trying to wrap her knuckles around a fast food burger while driving. We already know talking and texting while driving’s a no no, but eating this junk while driving is a no no no no no no, especially if she cow piled into my back seat while trying to swallow forgetting to put her foot on the brake. Good grief.

I think we need to get back to respecting ourselves and our food and the relationship between the two. Hey lady, if you want a burger, have a burger – but sit and eat it, chew it, taste it and savour it. Devouring food while driving or doing other activities without focusing on the whole sensory experience should be banned. Ok I know I sound like a cynic, but I am a thoughtful one. If taste is king for all of us consumers at least work on this one point. This will get people to slow down and enjoy their food. I will bet this one change of focus will be a paradigm shift in our health epidemics – especially the obesity and diabetes ones.

I wrote about Awareness is Bliss October 10, 2010 and again August 12, 2010 and February 14, 2011 being aware. Let’s wake up to our eating and drinking and stop going through life woofing and guzzling into oblivion.

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Moderation Under the Microscope – The Perps

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Ok so I made my point about the importance of moderation on June 29, 2011 and felt I needed to discuss this further. I would pay credence to the findings that study described about factors more likely to result in weight gain. Let’s find perspective on all of this shall we and no groaning!!

I had breakfast the other day to the sounds of CBC Radio 1, Jill Depsey interviewing one of the producers of the Series “Village on a Diet”. He described how before being part of this production he originally thought he ate fairly healthily and worked out a reasonable amount. Over the course of the weeks and months of the story shoot he did some self reflection about small ways he could improve his regimen. Ahhhh yes, his words were music to my ears. He admitted that over the course of months he lost 40 pounds while making little tiny changes to his routine. How wise!!

Perspective on the Weight Gain Perpetrators
I mentioned how helpful it would be to you to keep a photo diary of everything you eat and drink for a week. I would be willing to wager a bet that anyone in their right mind would view the mini photo album and be able to identify your culprits. Is it the refill of your 10 ounce juice glass to quench your thirst?? How about the drive through mindless eating? Or that simple iced-cap day after day after day. Some fast food places are touting a $1.00 special for all of the soda pop you can drink. You might be saving money, but you’re surely not saving calories.

Ok so what is moderation anyways?? If you are overweight and interested in making some nips and tucks on your routine – let’s say any one of these foods outlined below 2-3 times per week – PERIOD. Not each of them 2-3 times per week, any of them – GOT IT.

Potato Pandemonium Perspective
For starters potatoes aren’t bad. The researchers of the study found regular intake of French fries and potato chips are a culprit. How often each week do YOU have either of these foods?? Be honest now because your intake is not going to my hips, but perhaps yours if you consume these items daily or more than 2-3 times per week.

If you have a love affair with these two high-fat-fellows, don’t break it off, because all foods DO fit. Work it in, plan it, sit and enjoy it and savour it as a treat. But be honest with yourself are they REALLY that good?? How do you feel after you eat them? What does your mouth feel and taste like 30 minutes later?? I don’t know about you but I find I feel all goopey after I eat any of this stuff, my face feels greasy, my stomach sticks out and my mouth tastes like the bottom of a garbage can after 30 minutes of eating them…. but that’s just me. If you feel you’re still in love, then continue to have these in moderation under the guise mapped out above.

What can fill this fried potato void day in and day out?? Tomorrow’s post will review the reinforcements to add to your diet. Take stock and think about these things.

Processed Meat Machismo
From salty dogs to bologna bonsai, I wrote about this on July 3, 2011 and stand by my suggestions. I have admitted to having that speecy-spicey salami in my fridge that I add to a few foods once in a while. But I certainly DON’T have it every day.

Ok, so the same rules apply outlined above, if you’re stuck on your pastrami-love don’t break it off, but work it in mindfully and enjoy it.

Meat Mantra
I have admitted to being a carnivore before and I stand by that. Quite simply there are days when I crave a juicy burger or a perfectly bar-be-qued ribeye steak or pork tenderloin. Check out my freezer and you’ll find meat. You will also; however, also find chicken and fish among other choices.

I also prepare meatless meals each week 1 or 2 nights per week. This week, for example I defrosted a meatless tomato & mushroom sauce I made a little while ago and served that up with one of my grand salads that had nuts, fruit and feta cheese. No I don’t plan on divorcing my love of meat any time soon, but I’m mindful about doing a main course change-up each week and work it in. I am a proud flexitarian and enjoy the variety and celebrate many ways of eating well, sometimes with meat, sometimes without.

Hey Sugar Sugar-Aw Honey Honey
Sugar certainly gets a bad rap for all sorts of problems. I have written about this on August 4, 2010 and stand by that in spades. Again, moderation should prevail here as well. I have admitted to turning 50, and as my age dials up my metabolism is seemingly dialling down. So I am cognizant of the many sugar free alternatives. Truly though I have edged out those sugary tasting treats and drinks to mineral water and plain water. If I want something sugar free I’ll have it.

Sweets – Whenever I see a Werther’s wrapper I think of my Dad. He doesn’t often leave home without his candy fix. I do think he (like you) can still have these in moderation, just not every day – ok??

Sugary Drinks – The study indicated both sugary drinks and 100% juice are under the same banner – as weight gain promoters. I wrote about evaluating your drink on July 4, 2011. Our fluids are also considered food. It helps to take stock of our fluids especially while the temperatures have risen and we need to keep well hydrated. We shouldn’t be kept well-calorie-brated as well!! Save a slew of calories by focusing on eating your calories instead of drinking them. And yes, my 1 exception is drinking milk – yes Mother Nature’s nearly perfect food. Don’t; however, drink more than a few cups per day. The same rules apply here too. Nothing is unlimited.

Refined in a Bad Way
Ahhh yes the socialistas make us feel we need to be refined. When it comes to our breads, pastas and cereals the opposite applies here – whole grain and unrefined is the way to go. Since making this change in my diet I have found the taste quotient of the breads and cereals I choose have gone up. And yes, that’s a good thing!! Taste rules right and they taste much better than the plain white stuff.

The other benefit of eating whole grains is they help fill you up and feel satiated. Not to mention that “f” word – fibre they help “things work their way out” more expeditiously if you catch my drift.

Think for a moment of a Martian came down in their space ship and checked out all of the white-food-stuff. Hmmm well these humans take these natural grains and strip them down of their multitude of goodness to the “grain bones”. Then they add back a handful of vitamins and minerals and add to the packaged “enriched”. How strange, these mere mortals, how strange?? Awww I digress…..

Ok so there you have it. Did I even call any of these foods “bad”?? Nay nay I say. Too much of anything is bad. Let’s get our heads around “the how often” and “how much” of all of this you have and work on scaling it back. There are 2 posts planned after today’s that will deal with the “lifestyle piece” and the “foods that help” or the reinforcements – our dietary defence-men that help work with us. As I often say on T & T, we will overcome. After all, we’re in this together, aren’t we, Through Thick and Thin!!

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Let the Broken Record PLAY ON – Rainy Day Play

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Continuing on the theme of “playing on” let’s focus on changing plans on a rainy day. Ahh yes just when I blathered on about getting active in the summer a thunder boom boom blows through, what gives??!! It’s times like these that reminds me how important it is to be flexible with our plans. Nothings carved in stone unless Mother Nature has the chisel, right??

Rules of Thumb
The first thing to remember on the weather change-up is that in most places it usually doesn’t rain all day, every day. So do try to get out when it’s over. Second thing is to remember that safety comes first, stay inside or ensure you take cover when there’s an electrical storm with thunder and lightning. And finally, rain without thunder storms won’t make you melt if you get sprinkled with rain. Really!!

I rather enjoy walking in the rain. I have not melted yet. I have a trusty raincoat with a hood and it travels with me to many places to shelter me from the rain. Your kids won’t melt either and may love splashing in puddles and carrying on.

Board Game Help Ward off Boredom
I know a teacher who divulged that kids who’ve grown up without playing board games have more trouble with simple life skill, such as adding the dots on a couple of dice, for example. What gives?? On a rainy day drag out some old games, blow the dust off of the boxes and get playing. When you get right down and think about it there’s a social aspect to game playing in addition to the simple counting thing, plus following directions “Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass Go and do not collect $200″. Like Snakes and Ladders we all have to cope in life with slipping on a proverbial banana peel, or a snake that back 15 steps, only to recover in the near future. Yes, a metaphor of life.

If you have the odd rainy day inside, play outside longer tomorrow when the sky clears.

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