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Be Open to Bean Spilling, 1 Lovin’ Spoonful at a Time

October 21st, 2013 2 Comments Tags: , , , , , , ,

Ever have a bunch of coincidences collide all of a sudden? I’ve been prepping all weekend for a presentation I’m giving this week for the Future of Food in Healthcare called “Staying on Top: Leveraging Web & Social Media Tools”. So here’s how my Saturday routine went: practice, practice, practice, interspersed with outfit picking, packing, weekend puttering and staying on top in my own Twitter-sphere.

I’m usually optimally informed and amused by my new fab friend and colleague Lindsay’s sweet tweets that can’t be beat @LeanGreenBean who I met in Lodi California last month. One of her tweets grabbed my attention “The Power of Vulnerability” thoughtfully crafted by none other than The Soulful Spoon – Heather McClees a southern belle who spills her beans as much as I spill mine! Who would have thunk?

Thinking of the zest of the LeanGreenBean and the honesty of the Soulful Spoon’s bean spilling, my mind wandered to the importance of being honest with yourself and coming clean about your situation whatever that might be, hmmmmm. I wrote in Skinny on Slim that “awareness is bliss”, not ignorance. You simply cannot change what you do not realize, right? Journalling is certainly the way to help on that front.

There’s something about spilling the bitter truth that’s so raw yet freeing. Take a look at The Soulful Spoon’s blog at the link above to see what I mean. She is a fellow bean spiller whose writing will fill up your spirit. Her motto is “Learning is living and forgiving.” How beautiful is that? Very!

I divulged in my post October 4 “Fessing Up – Monitoring Mania” that sometimes I wished I didn’t make a pact to be so open and honest when I write. And now I’ve met my match who does so in spades. I guess aiming to be relatable has it’s benefits…..

Here’s a quick verse for my fellow bean spillers out there:
Beans, beans are good for your heart
The more you spill, the more wisdom you impart

The more you impart, the better you feel
So spill your beans with every shpeel!

Hmmm, my Mom always told me that “honesty was the best medicine”, I wonder if she still feels the same way….

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Best Food Forward – Keep it Simple

March 3rd, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , ,

March is nutrition month hosted by Dietitians of Canada. I’ll be featuring their themed content on grocery shopping for healthy food for the month. A perfect way to end winter and ring in spring, don’t you think:

Prepared and packaged meals can be more expensive and less healthy than meals you make at home. Lower your costs by going homemade. Start with these simple make-at-home meal ideas:

  • Homestyle pizza. Lightly brush a whole grain pizza crust with olive oil. Top with lots of spinach, fresh chopped tomatoes, a sprinkle of black olives and a little feta cheese. Bake and enjoy your healthier at-home pizza!
  • Roasted chicken. Instead of grocery store rotisserie chicken, roast your own whole chicken on Sunday, refrigerate and reheat for Monday’s dinner. Use any leftovers to make sandwiches, quesadillas or burritos the next day.
  • Tomato soup. Toss together a pint of cherry tomatoes, a few peeled cloves of garlic and a chopped onion. Drizzle with a little olive oil. Roast in a baking dish in the oven until vegetables are soft. Blend with low-sodium chicken broth and warm. Bursting-with-flavour homemade soup!

Visit for more information about what else is happening in this nutrition month.

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Stress Tab

August 21st, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , ,

Look left and look right and it seems like so many people are plagued with too much stress. I recently found myself in the thick of things on Stress Avenue first hand and got reflecting about how to manage it better.

Talk About It, Then Park It – Talk with your confidant about your concerns to get them off your chest, then park it. Dwelling on your problems and complaining incessantly can make a bigger mountain out of your situation and keep you in neutral, instead of working on moving forward.

Look for the Silver Lining – Take stock in the positives in any bad situation because truly there’s always someone worse off than you. Look around then look up!

Get Moving – Getting moving can help you burn off steam and is a great outlet.

Sip a Tea – Finding a relaxing moment with a cuppa-tea can help reduce stress and tension with those natural elements – ahhhh.

Have a Chuckle – Turn on the Comedy station and have a good belly laugh or watch a funny movie.

Change Your Focus – Stop dwelling on “poor you” and change your focus to help lift your spirits. Help someone who needs it – that’ll change your focus pretty quick.

Stay in the Moment – Thinking too far ahead of your problem can be overwhelming, focus on the positive and the here and now. Keep going!

Everyone has stress in their life and no one can escape it. Find ways to manage it optimally to help get you through the rough spots.

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Bosom Buddy Study

July 26th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , ,

I read about how finding a buddy to start a new regimen can help. You can compare notes, inspire each other and remind each other why you wanted to improve in the first place.

You can use a true blue friend, find a cyber buddy or rely on your doctor or dietitian’s support. One study showed that 40% of dieters who connected with their buddies regularly lost weight over a six month period. They kept it off for 18 months following which was most impressive. After all maintaining the changes you made is the most important part, don’t you think?

Everybody on any plan hits a snag now and then with the ebb and flow of life. That’s what life’s about. It sure is easier when you have an ear, a shoulder, a supporter, a cheerleader to travel with you on your diet roller coaster.

Funny, I had dinner last week with my good friend Loretta. Later in the evening we got to talking about how our bodies have changed now that we’re both north of age 50. She had a perfect line “…my body is no longer my own!” Tell me about it.

In no time we shared exercise tips – arm weights, stretches, lunges, squats, push ups, ab crunches, the works. We ended up showing each other moves that help tone and strengthen getting right down on the floor wearing dresses and all. Good thing we were in her kitchen and not a restaurant!

Now when I do my “mat routine” I think about dropping her a line to see how it’s going. Nothing like having a good buddy to share and motivate.

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Dreaming of a White Christmas….

December 11th, 2011 No Comments Tags: , , , , , ,

I was thinking about a white Christmas as I undertook making my gnocchi that I’ll serve Christmas Eve, hmmmm. A white cloud of flour poofed out of the bag as I got the production line rolling. And yes, I will post the recipe in case you want to try to make these devilishly, dense, dough balls.

How are your plans coming along? Are the decorations up; dinner plans made; shopping done; presents wrapped, doorbell changed, truffles rolled? I took a walk today and Jack Frost was certainly nipping at my nose, and toes and any skin exposed!! A perfect way to get in the holiday spirit and burn a few extra calories as I head to dinner at my folks.

Whatever your plans, ensure you make them on your terms. I have recently been blessed with not 1 but 2 half time jobs. Back to sleepless Sunday’s and panic attacks as the synapses in my brain are firing on all cylinders. So filling in Christmas cheer amongst this new work sphere will need to be simplified to help keep the peace as life’s balls get juggled all the while.

I was treated to a lovely dinner at my Malteser and cherished friend’s last week. A perfect kick-off and therapy for what will be about to unfold in the coming days. My good friend Joan’s coming over this week among other holiday parties that’ll help set my compass where it needs to be.

So stay in the moment folks. Make the most of each prep day and aim to simplify things if your blood pressure starts rising. Your own personal joy will be what you make it, that’s for sure. Make it right and altruistic for you. Enjoy!!

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Cara’s Food Revolution – Fennel Salad

November 10th, 2011 No Comments Tags: , ,

I was treated to a yummy lunch at my friend Cara’s house. I love catching up with long time friends and compadres, especially when they’re such fab hostesses!! I bonded with her 8-month old who is cuter than a koala bear. My visit filled me up in more ways than one.


1 fennel, washed, pared and sliced
1 bosc pear, washed, pared, cored and sliced
handful of dried cranberries
spinkle of sunflower seeds
dab of olive oil
rice vinegar

Prepare ingredients and put in your serving bowl. Combine and serve.

I get so stuck on the usual types of green salads. I’m so happy Cara made this for me, so that I can work it into my repertoire. A fabulous salad change up that tastes delish!

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Food Revolution – SandSquishes

October 17th, 2011 No Comments Tags: , ,

I was invited over for lunch to my ole friend Cara’s a few weeks ago. She made me a few delectable dishes as we got caught up on life. Her daughter, whose alias is Pinkalicious, duly named these fab creations “sandsquishes” because they’re made using a sandwich griller….out of the mouthes of babes…I wish I coined the term.!!

If you’re hearing about “healthy” processed meats while scratching your head in confusion take heart. You can make and serve these up with confidence. They’re as healthy a dish as you can muster for your loved ones AND they taste divine.

1 multi grain bun cut in half
1 washed, pared and sliced pepper (red, orange or yellow)
1 washed, pared and sliced zucchini
2 washed, sliced mushrooms
cheese of your liking (goat’s, cheddar or mozzarella)
olive oil

Prepare the veggies and grill them ahead of time and allow them to cool to room temperature. Turn the heat on your sandwich squisher and allow to heat up according to the instructions. On the outer side of the bun add a small amount of olive oil. Meanwhile prepare your sandwich to your liking with a combination of vegetables with your favourite cheese. Place your sandwich on the heated grille and close the lid until the cheese is melted to ooozing and it is grilled and perfectly squished!! Serve hot.

To me food that’s delish, easy to prepare AND virtuously healthy is the best food of all. I would serve these devils up for lunch or dinner. Thanks again Cara!!

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Cheers to 400 Strong Through T & T!!

October 11th, 2011 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

Well folks I’ve reached another T & T milestone – 400 posts have gone live!! Oy, talk about verbal diarrhea…. hold the Pepto Bismol!!

Since March, 2010 I have written about food, dieting, life and us on this blogging roller coaster and I don’t see any end in sight….Thank goodness. I feel like we’ve only just begun. I’m in the midst of organizing content with an eye to self publish key themes of material. Stay tuned on that!!

A most sincere thanks to you, my trusty readers. There are times that I wonder, hmmmmm, is there anybody out there reading this stuff. Then I’ll bump into a friend who tells me that she thought I was writing about her in a story series, for instance. Or I’ll receive an e-mail from a gal telling me that what I wrote rang true for her or that she just got a chuckle and who can’t use more of that these days. I have received my share of messages from readers telling me they lost weight by making changes I’ve suggested in their eating and activity and are on their way to successful, long-term weight loss. And WOW, isn’t that what this is all about – bravo!!

Yes folks we ARE in this together, through thick and thin for the long haul. Don’t hesitate to post a comment or drop me a line with anything you’d like me to write about. I’d really love to know. Upward, onward and a hearty cheers!!

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Finding Francy

September 28th, 2011 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , ,

Well that’s it, my place of work has closed its doors, sending me out in the unemployment line of life. I must say in my 24 years of working I have not yet met such a circumstance. I do believe I’ve ducked a few times though, avoiding the evil eye of the job cutter along the way.

As odd as it sounds I did not meet the news with grim worry or shame, but with wonder and hope. Hmmmmm, I know I sound so Polly-Anna’ish, but the day this was decided Rev Run’s message read:

Good morning. It really doesn’t matter the size of your next step. What matters is the direction. (Ralph Marston)
God is Love
Rev Run

Too weird, does this guy know what I’m going through or what??!! But really folks, the world is your oyster. After every ending there IS a new beginning. Before any of this went down out of the blue I was contacted by someone who I used to work with. Hmmmmm. I do believe in serendipity and going with the flow. That call just put an exclamation point on things!!

I have pulled up my socks and reminded myself of my gifts and abilities that even in this new economic era there is still work and I will find my way. In the meantime I can write more, get into better shape, syndicate some blog stories, nab a few contracts, take some golf lessons (my putting could clearly benefit), try some new recipes and perhaps sleep in now and then. As of today, I spoke to a real editor. How great is that??!! Everything does happen for a reason and while I figure out the details of my next step I will truly enjoy my journey and land on my feet like I always do.

Well I don’t believe I’ve ever been lost, but through this change I have been given the time to be found…..more deeply. My circumstance truly is a blessing in disguise on this highway of life. Right now I’m simply idling in a parking lot!

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One of Those Days

May 19th, 2011 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

Ever had one of those days in one of those weeks?? You know the type. Some of the balls you’ve been juggling in the air are about to fall on your head. The thought of long weekend golfing has been washed away thanks to more of Mother Nature’s rain. The competing priorities on your to-do list have been superseded by yet another set of priorities as the list grows. And on it goes….. on and on. What gives??

During those times when a dark cloud seems to be hovering endlessly over your head I like to look to little things. You know, life’s little simple pleasures. In amongst all of the mayhem I saw 3 spunky yellow birds while taking my early morning walk. I saw a rabbit. Rev Run’s message today was called “Begin” and read: Good morning. It really doesn’t matter the size of your next step.. What matters is the direction. (Ralph Marston) God is Love, Rev Run

Despite going head to head on some matters, there were some angels with kind words out of the blue. A few dinner offers were confirmed. A new opportunity. A spouse’s gentle support. For dinner last night I defrosted some of my Mom’s sauce and made a salad because I could use some of Mom’s lovin’ to help me through today. Yes it’s the little things. Pop an extra vitamin C and D, blow some dust off a bottle of wine and find something to celebrate. Surely it’s happy hour somewhere??!!

Ya days like this come and go. Clouds eventually clear and at times have a silver lining. Family and good friends are for keeps to brighten up the day and help lift the load. So over the long weekend make the best of it. Make time to walk, garden, read, write, sleep in, eat out, decompress, reconnect and most of all enjoy!! I know I will….

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