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Jack Frost is our master blaster this week folks, slapping us out of our autumn slumber. I like to ease into my winter-weather wardrobe in stages, don’t you? I still have flowers in my window box, now lying limp, a turtle gnome in my garden with his head poked into his shell and my doorbell on the Halloween theme setting, hmmmm. No I’m not ready for this!

I have been away for a stint and amped to get back into my exercise routine with gusto despite the sudden change in weather. But with this new cold reality I have changed my approach to get me back in the game. Here are some ideas to help you reactivate your activity explained in my ebook Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books, listen up:

  • Bundle Up – When you choose to go out and face the elements dress warmly (layers, coat, thermal socks, hat, mittens) or your frigid experience will reinforce couch-potato-dom and put your winter-esque activity plans on ice. Getting outside in these conditions and being active can be quite invigorating for some!
  • Just for Today – Adopt the adage “just for today”. How often do we ponder “how on earth am I going to be active from now until spring?” once the deep freeze hits, ug. Try my secret to chunk it down and focus on today rather than an entire season. When you do that all of the tomorrows will fall in to place!
  • Think Intervals – Another way to chunk it down is to think in terms of 15 minute intervals, the new “interval training”! Come on folks, everybody has a measly 15 minutes to start a movement movement, right? Once you break through inertia you may find you’re on a roll and decide on doing two intervals in a row. If not think about working in another interval or two in a little while. Your exercise doesn’t have to be done all at one time.
  • Wimp Out & Stay In – If you truly do hate the cold, plan workouts inside – do mall walks, turn on the tunes and dance to the music, invest in a piece of exercise equipment you’d enjoy using. I love my stair climber and cross country ski machine and used it yesterday to stay toasty warm.

Don’t lose heart folks, warmer temperatures are returning and this white stuff will be gone in a flash, we will overcome! Let’s be thankful for one thing…. we don’t live in Buffalo!

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