A Starchy Reception & Misconception

September 29th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

I’m attending a starchy reception today. Really! I am flying hither to none other than Idaho for the potato harvest, hosted by the Alliance for Potato Research and Education. Boy am I lucky, talk about Spudnik Love!

I have had potatoes on the brain of late, so I adorned an Indian Summer BBQ with my favourite roasted spuds that are even better than those served at the Publican Restaurant in Chicago, MmmMmMmMmmmm.

There have been starchy misconceptions about the healthfulness of these uber-tubers. They may have been in and out of vogue over the years but they have always been a staple in my home. Good nutrition is ALWAYS in fashion! One medium sized tater is a good source of fibre, vitamins C, B6 and potassium with a large dollop of taste satisfaction that we all crave. Be mindful of how they’re prepared.

If you’ve been doing the proverbial dance of the veils with Mr. Potato-head, give in already! Potatoes are a favourite no matter your age, delish and economical: a perfect combination to keep this staple served up every season!

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