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I found myself in one of those big box sports stores shopping for shoes for a kinesiologist I know. Let me tell you, you need to keep your wits about you before you arrive at the Wall-O-Shoes because you might just forget what activity you needed them for. Do you need shoes for walking, jogging, hiking, biking, jumping, cross training, dancing, climbing, sacheing, sauntering, wandering?? Really folks there is something for every movement you might ever plan to make and then some!

I got that glossed over look early in the going distracted by the splashes of colour rather than form and supposed function. Is being active really that complicated? As I stood at that wall it crossed my mind that if a Marsian landed on Earth and moseyed into this store they would assume that ours is a society of super-fit custodians. Hmmm, I thought, we’re a society of chronic sitters who are now heading in to couch potato harvest season for the masses…. sadly.

I remember when my Dad brought my sis and me to the store for our first pair of jogging shoes, actually used for jogging back in the ’70′s. We had 2 choices – Adidas and some other brand I can’t really remember. The ladies got the white with blue stripes and the men had the blue with white stripes. These did the trick for walking, sauntering, jogging, even hiking, gym class and more.

You know if we truly had a fit-nik society I’d be delighted to write about it and let the sea of shoes wash over my closet. But sadly, we don’t, yet the sea of shoes still swells.

I think on this Motivation Monday we ought to make a pact this season folks, to take out any and all kinds of sports shoes you own and USE each of them at least once a week for an hour. Deal?

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