Who’s Retiring Anyways?

August 11th, 2014 2 Comments Tags: , , , ,

Someone I know is conspiring
That they might consider retiring
Has worked a long time
Many achievements have shined
Inspiring many behind him

He believes that anything’s possible
Stays the course, and is always unstoppable
Has made a huge mark
Is a remarkable spark
To all that are all around him

Has a way to make you get better
His approach is always unfettered
Helps you rise to new heights
Using all of your might
Never taking the credit because of him

Has learned to have his priorities straight
Which for me is absolutely great
Work/life balance is fine
Our life together is so divine
Special times just being with him

This person I know can’t retire!
Just shift gears of his inner bonfire
Not able to slow down
Always runs fully wound
Boundless energy with more ahead of him

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2 Responses to “Who’s Retiring Anyways?”

  1. S MacAlpine says:

    Happy Next Chapter Danno! Can’t say congratulations cuz we know you won’t actually retire!

    Well done FPB as always.

  2. admin says:

    Very true, thanks for your note!

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