Food Revolution Stellar Smoked Salmon & Brie

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Who feels like cooking after a long weekend when the temperature is soaring and your energy level is plunging? Not me. I suspect you might be feeling the same. Here is one ultra fast dinner idea that will get you high praise with little effort. And as far as being high on the scale of nutrient richness, this is fit for a king or queen!! It just needs a bit of assembly and voila it’s done.


smoked salmon, garnished with sliced red onion and lemon wedges

brie heated to molten in minced garlic with olive oil

whole wheat baguette, sliced

serve with side salad


This picture speaks a thousand words as this dinner requires a smidge of assembly with maximal appeal. About 10 minutes before you plan on eating heat a pan with a tablespoon of olive oil and soften minced garlic. Lightly cross cut the brie on both sides after removing it from the package and attached paper. Place brie on top of the heated garlic and oil and cover the pan with a lid. You are aiming to get the cheese molten. With a spatula, carefully flip the brie to heat it through thoroughly. Serve when the cheese is piping hot.

This tastes great by spreading a slice of bread with the molten cheese, putting some salmon and onion on top with a squirt of lemon. I have served this when I’ve hosted one of my week night gal dinners, or as an appetizer with more people. Perfect with a cold glass of Riesling or pinot gris accompaniment. Enjoy!!

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