To the Core

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I’ve been intending to change up my springtime mat routine, doing more mulling over, thinking, pondering, planning…. hmmmmm. You see, in my e-book Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books I talk about activity and exercise, including my mat routine. It’s my 16 minute, every second day in to my hourglass. My personal muscle preservation project. My routine is comprised of lunges, squats, stretches, push ups, a floor routine of leg exercises, ab crunches and arm weights. Nothing too taxing, complicated or time consuming.

Muscle tissue is golden, being so metabolically active. Muscle is to our body is like lycra or spandex is to our clothes – it makes us look more svelte and trim. Moreover it makes us stronger to undertake everyday activities with greater ease. Being north of 50, holding on to this precious tissue and even building some is part of my overall goal. If I don’t work on this, my muscle mass will be in the decline, so I am controlling all that I can to hold on to what I’ve got!

I took some of my own advice lately. My adage of “awareness is bliss” and let it all hang out doing the mambo with the mirror – good grief. It looked like my ab’s have been on vacation, being a bit too relaxed of late. I got honest with myself and decided I needed to get back on my mat routine more regularly and take it up a notch or two.

I have read a few too many recommendations by kinesiologists about the benefits of doing burpees. It finally niggled away at my conscience. You know this horrid exercise – you hit the deck, thrust your feet back then forth and stand up again – ug. Many years ago when I trained for competitive tennis I remember doing this exercise. Since that time, I have established a love affair with my activity routine and realize I’m a little too cushy resulting in my more relaxed abs. So on this fine day after I finished my routine I added 10 repetitions of burpees and live to tell the tale.

Now that I have publicly declared starting these, I will report back occasionally on how they’re working for me. Time to up the ante on my core adding to my 16 minute investment into my hourglass. Stay tuned!

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