Kvetching About the Cold? Warm Up to This….

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Kvetching (complaining) about the cold temperatures seems to be Canadians’ favourite pastime lately. What gives?! The weather station is loving creating drama about the wind chill these days, don’t you think? Polar vortex, shmoretex – phooey! I don’t know about you, but I have enough drama in my life and the weather isn’t one of them. We shall overcome!

‘Wearing enough layers’ is the age old secret to getting outside to play when the temperature dips. I find dawning a few layers under my buffy coat, an extra thick hat and mitts plus warm water resistant boots with treads tied up with a scarf serves me well when I take my activity outside. There are times I hear the weather before heading out and I wear too much because of all of the hype that I need to dial it down a bit so that my hot flash sequence doesn’t go off! But if you’re frigid to the idea of being out in the cold to say active, consider warming up to this:

Walk this way – These days malls are like mini ice-free communities with piped in music, tropical plants and sales galore. Strut your stuff inside one near you and your activity routine won’t even experience a blip from season to season.

Turn up the tunes & party like it’s 1999 – Download the phone app Sonza and find a dance beat that tickles your fancy, turn up the volume, put on your comfy shoes, but do draw the blinds then dance to the music! Keep those stilettos in the box and save your feet dancing to the beat when you really need them!

Roll out the welcome mat – A yoga mat that is! If you don’t already have a flexibility and strengthening routine, now’s a perfect time to start one. Bend and stretch people, and reach for the stars! Like my e-book Skinny on Slim suggests to invest 16 minutes every 2nd day into your hourglass to preserve precious metabolically active muscle tissue – try some arm weights, lunges, squats, push ups, ab crunches, stretches and more.

Find 6 fives – That’s six, five minute intervals, if you can’t fit a whole 30 minute stint of activity (or 2 fifteens). If you’re at a busy work place find a bunch of 5-minute intervals by parking further away or taking transit, take the stairs to deliver a message instead of e-mail, offer to go to mail room. At home try to do some jumping jacks while you’re boiling your potatoes tonight for dinner, start off your favourite show by lunging instead of lounging!

There you have it folks. If you loath the cold and find yourself kvetching about it, keep your routine cozy inside but keep moving!

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