Kvetching in the Kitchen? Go team!

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Do you feel like you’re in a pressure cooker when it comes time to cook a meal? Does planning meals make you all hot ‘n steamy then psyched out? Does that age old family question “grate” on your nerves, “what’s for dinner?”? All of this can get you kvetching (complaining) in the kitchen! We shall overcome!

Well people let’s quit the kvetching and break down this “meal making activity” into a few handy steps to get you on track for making healthy and stealthy meals this year! Cooking at home doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming. Take stock:

Make Plans – Get in the habit of connecting weekly with family members about what’s happening with everyone’s schedule around dinner. This dialogue will help you develop a meal plan from week to week which is easier to stick with once you decided who’ll be home. You can also enlist family members help to get dinner started depending who gets home first (if they’re old enough of course).

Do a Pantry Raid – If your pantry is chocked full of pillow sacks of salty emptiness arrange a pitching party and rid yourself of the junk food of old and replace it with a horn of plenty of new choices. You’ll eat healthier when you have nutrient rich choices galore at your finger tips. Bring in low fat yoghurt and milk, whole grain breads, bean, peas and lentils, fresh and frozen veggies and fruits, meat, fish and poultry, plus some nuts and seeds.

Make a List & Check it Twice – Create a running list that all family members contribute to that include your planned meals so you have everything you need to make a variety of meals each week.

Divide and Conquer – Enlist all family members’ support when possible whether it’s adding to the list, grocery shopping and unpacking groceries, chopping vegetables, setting the table to cleaning up. Everyone has a role to play, especially kids as food preparation is a life skill that will contribute to their health in the future.

So stop kvetching in the kitchen! Break down meal making and food hunter-gathering activities and work it out as you make meals a team sport!

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