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Ok so it’s dark outside, the temperatures took a nosedive with the polar vortex so it’s devilishly tempting to turn into a hibernating bear this time of year. Sure it’s easy to make excuses then cower inside, avoid exercise, wrap ourselves in thick wool sweaters and chow down pillow sacks of treats. By the time they disappear you will have dawned a double chin hidden in your cowl neck sweater, a spring roll on your mid drift while accumulating extra junk in your trunk. Don’t do it to yourself. Listen UP!

Urge to Purge - Do a pantry raid and rid yourself of junky treats that will no longer make you jolly. That ho ho ho will turn into oh! oh! oh! if you don’t act now. Have a pitching party and replace these high fat/sugar/salt feedbags with a wide array of naturally nutrient rich choices.

Urge to Splurge - I’m all for a retail pick-me-up sale that’ll lift spirits and keep you motivated. Who needs more tech toys when the skinny jeans are on sale? Lock and load yourself in a pair of these puppies. You’ll be back on the straight and narrow in no time. Don’t take them off ’til spring!

Urge to Surge – Add crunch to your abs and get moving more – park further away, walk a block or two extra on your break, add five minutes here and 10 minutes there of moving to 30 minutes a day. Aim for 60+ if you can. Your endorphins will help your mood rise up and you will tone up and feel great. Trust me!

Urge to Merge – Find a buddy who’s upbeat to share your goals with and work together to get healthier. When you’re dipping into a slump they’ll help you get through those barriers and get pumped!

Ok ladies turn those January Blah’s into January AHA’s, by creating urges to surge by turning your beat around. Tune your attitude in. You’ll be glad you did come spring!

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