Get Saucy in the Kitchen!

January 10th, 2014 1 Comment Tags: , , ,

Feeling saucy early in this 2014 year? Well take out your cauldron and whip up some bonanza batches of bella sauces that’ll help you sail through the polar vortex and beyond. If you go Meatless on Monday’s these will be a perfect way to start off the week too. Make a new batch each weekend and freeze in smaller portions to use when your schedule goes postal.

Clare’s Putanesca Sauce – Gotta love the bite in this batch perfected by my older sister. It’s fabulous over capellini noodles, topped with a sprinkle of zesty parmesan cheese.

Tantalizing Tomato Sauce – Try a mess of this meatless sauce my Mona? You can spice it up by adding a hot banana pepper to the mix. You can also add some goat’s cheese to cream this up for extra richness. You’ll be all steamy, spicy, creamy and saucy in the kitchen! Sounds naughty doesn’t it?!

Franny’s Fave Eggplant Sauce – This is my go to fave stick to the ribs, thick and rich sauce to savour! Serve up with a fresh, crunchy green salad with asiago cheese to add zing!

Besto Pesto – I love making a big batch of this besto pesto that I stir on pasta noodles or add to pizza dough with a variety of veggies topped with sprinkles of Romano cheese.

I’m feeling saucy this New Year and enjoy spreading the lovin’ in the kitchen. Get your cauldron bubbling and windows steamy as you stock your freezer up with a team of sauces to simplify your suppers. Join me, won’t you!

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