Pot Shots

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The temperatures are dipping and our taste buds have morphed. It’s a perfect time to shift gears in your kitchen and take a few pot shots to change things up. Want something to stick to the ribs and not add a spare tire around your equator? Give these recipes a shot while using one pot!

Pasta Fagioli – Want a meatless Monday without the moans? Try this recipe with crispy garlic bread, it’ll be a crown pleaser that satisfies.

Home-make Mac & Cheese – Nothing says lovin’ like ewey gooey Mac & Cheese. Show homage to your favourite fromage like Mac with Jack for instance!

Barley Soup – Time to put an ole boot in your cauldron on a cool weekend and boil up some soup. Great for dinner with crusty bread or a portable potable lunch.

Pot Roast – Slow and steady makes this delish dish. Plan for extras and use for lunches too.

Chili con Carne – A steamy bowl of chili with cheese and bun after an afternoon of raking the last of the leaves will surely satisfy. Say ole to that!

So take a new shot with your pot whether you’re in a whirlwind tour on a weeknight or you’re planning for the week ahead. Good eats don’t need to be complicated, yet will still be highly rated!

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