Stompa Your Feet!

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I was lucky to attend the Serena Ryder’s Massey Hall headline performance debut on a humid Friday night recently. You know that Friday night feel when you wanna kick back and relax and be entertained without lifting a finger, let alone get up and “stompa your feet”? Well Serena violated that code by having everyone in the audience up – young and old, clapping in time mostly and shaking that thang well into the night.

Bleary eyed the following morning, met without enough sleep, a grey sky and pelting rain got me thinking about activity while having that “stompa your feet” tune repeat in my head, hmmmmm, or shall I say oh-ooohooh-oh-oh-oh. Great tunes have an interesting effect on your internal beat. Even when you feel like you’re spent in the physical activity department of life, it’s hard not to keep still to the sound of a fab song with an infectious beat.

If you’ve had even the slightest inkling to taper your activity regimen this fall, think again. If you can sense inertia setting in to your consciousness consider adding music to the mix to help you keep moving. While you’re at it, add a few of Serena’s tunes to your play list or her entire new release Harmony. Fab music is the perfect antidote to help your activity routine stay on track: oh-ooohooh-oh-oh-oh!

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