Hop on the Party Bus

August 18th, 2013 No Comments

Again this year I couldn’t be more proud of a certain nephew of mine and his friends aka “Team Darko”. These “cream of the croppers”, mid-twenty somethings banned together to organize a fab fundraiser for their university friend who passed away years ago. Actually, truth be told they have organized one fundraiser or another each year since his passing to keep his spirit alive. They rented a “Party Bus” and pulled up the coarse and organized a perfect fundraising day.

So many people came out to join in the event – a golf shotgun tourney. The sky was blue, the temp was up and as usual the butterflies fluttered around. Fun was had by all, that’s for sure. I even snagged “the longest drive prize”, hmmm go figure!

Again, I had a lump in my throat a few times during the event for many reasons. Seeing all of these grown up kids giving unselfishly of their time and money for a worthy cause was truly inspiring. It seems everybody’s so busy running around these days – who has any extra time to devote to such things?

Yes there are leaders among us you might not necessarily spot in a crowd especially riding “The Party Bus”. This group transformed the reputation of the “Me Generation” to the “We Generation” yet again. Yes a group who could have come up with a hundred legitimate excuses why they couldn’t organize this, stepped off the bus, up to the plate and hit another grand slam out of the park.

Thanks Team Darko for inspiring me this fine summer’s weekend. I salute you all. And remember “No giving up EVER!” DD

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