Squabbling Over Chicken or Beef – Props to Protein

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There are days when nutrition experts seem to split hairs on some of the seemingly simple diet information. Today I’ll focus on the “centre of the plate” and talk about making choices – will that be chicken or beef; pork or fish; egg or tofu; turkey or game; nuts or cheese; legumes or pulses; salmon or tuna? I say, what’s to squabble about?!

All of these foods are predominantly protein based and all are naturally nutrient rich. People get so hung up on studies about red meat. As I often quote Barry White saying “too much of anything’s not good…” that certainly is true. Why not include all of these choices into your diet? This’ll help you avoid boredom by doing the centre of the plate change up! Protein certainly has an excellent satiating quality giving these foods both healthy and stealthy benefits for those of us trying to control our weight. That’s not to say if a little is good then a lot is perfect, but you knew that already right?!

Sneaking various protein choices into every meal, even snacks can help control hunger. In addition there are a plethora of macro and micro nutrients and minerals in all of these choices that’ll help your body as temple soar.

The next time you’re squabbling about what you plan to add to the center of your plate, take a breather and say “yes” to them all!

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