The Altruistic Almond – A Crunchy Mouthful of YUM

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Ever thought about that law of attraction, hmmmmm? I have had “noshing on nuts” on the brain for a while now as I’ve been writing about their positive effect on your weight. I have also been practicing what I’ve been preaching as I tote them along to enjoy as a snack plus I add them to various dishes. Then lo and behold BAM I was invited to an exclusive dinner at Zambri’s in Victoria by the friendly folks from the Almond Board of California, how delightful!

Talk about being delectably treated to a nice, night-time, nutty, noshfest that tantalized our tastebuds! I bonded with fellow RD blood sisters who practice and preach natural nutrient richness to the masses too. We were treated to poached yellow tomatoes crostino, ricotta stuffed agnolotti and rockfish romanesco – each course adorned with almonds in one delectable form or another.

I love recommending a food that I enjoy so much. One humble serving of whole almonds adds up to 23 crunchy treasures providing a mouthful of nutrient richness. They’re chocked full with protein and good fats; touted as an excellent source of Vitamin E and magnesium plus they are a good source of copper and riboflavin. They also contain iron, calcium, zinc, niacin, folate, phosphorus and potassium then fibre, phytosterols, polyphnols and flavonoids – a true nutritional mouthful, indeed.Talk about covering the gamut of nutrient bases, they’re like the winning Blue Jays of late…. Moreover they taste great, deliver a crunch that delights your senses while making you feel full. Work these into your repertoire to help your “body as temple” soar. I love a snack that grows on trees, don’t you? Thanks Mother Nature. You don’t reap those benefits from a salty bag of deep fried emptiness that goes crunch purchased from your vending machine now, do you?

I have a nut bin in my kitchen that has always contained almonds before I met these lovely people and will continue. Their gift offering containing almonds in various forms is being enjoyed as we speak, CRRRR-UNCH.

Aim to get more healthy and stealthy food in your diet that not only tastes great but does double time to fill many nutrient voids in your diet. So count ‘em out – 23 almonds and put ‘em in a pouch for when your gnawing hunger strikes. You’ll be ready to curb any craving. Add them in various forms – slivered, chopped, whole or sliced to various dishes to meals you prepare for that extra UMPH you’ve been seeking. Who doesn’t love a crunchy mouthful of YUM? No one, that’s who!

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