Awareness is Bliss – Mirror Mirror on the Wall….

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most truthful one of all?

For some gals, there are details they just don’t want to get up close and personal with, like that reality-checking tool: the blessed mirror. You know what I mean. Facing that side profile when you exhale, letting it all hang out and actually looking without darting out of view. How about getting a glimpse of your cellulite on those upper thighs? Yank your shirt down over a rising muffin top. Get a frontal view of that behind.

Then there’s the effect of gravity that brings you down, in more ways than one. The heightened awareness that comes with this reality check can actually be life changing.

I try to avoid the mirror sometimes in the same way I avoid making eye contact with someone I’m trying to dodge. Then my realization awakens my conscience and I need to face facts.

Every so often, I stop cold in front of the mirror like the prelude to a Western movie quick-draw. Then it’s a slow-motion 90-degree turn while I let go of my abs – and exhale. I’m usually caught red-handed, perhaps due to a slip up on not doing my callisthenic routine, now painfully obvious after seeing my loosened abs in the relaxed position from the side view. “Sheriff, she’s guilty as charged for letting it all hang out.” But what if I hadn’t looked in the mirror? Would I escape the grasp of the long arm of the law?

It’s been said that ignorance is bliss. The problem is that it rode in from the same town as avoidance and denial. When you ride this trio of doom for long, you’re heading for trouble, out-gunned in the world of health and wellness.

Our internal robot can switch into reverse once it arrives and settles down in the la la land of ignorance. You know, letting those die-hard quirks creep back into your repertoire – eating too quickly, not focusing on how hungry or full you really are, choosing serving sizes as big as your head and skipping exercise when life gets busy. Soon, even your white 10-gallon hat doesn’t fit any more.

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