Awareness is Bliss According to Skinny on Slim….

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We’ve all heard the saying “ignorance is bliss”. I feel ignorance comes from the same dark place as avoidance and denial and when they band together they’re just a negative trio of doom. Steer clear of all three like the plague!

I prefer we spin this into “Awareness is Bliss” because you cannot change what you do not realize. Awaken your senses to what’s really going on. You will then be able to move forward.

  • On the behaviour front this can include hunger and fullness cues and learning to enjoy your food more. It’s a true shame when so many people eat on the run and eat mindlessly.
  • Successful losers keep tabs in their weight regularly. It’s important to know where you stand, but not be obsessed and overdo it. I suggest a few times a month.
  • Discover clues of eating and emotions, especially if you eat because of stress. Aim to untie those knots that connect stress to eating to free you for good. Build non-food coping mechanisms. These new habits will stay with you for life.

We ought to also get up close and personal with our food by putting our favourite food to the test. In my book Skinny on Slim I describe the “Food Satisfaction Index to a Happier Meal”. When we start to become more aware about the food we eat by focusing on that first bite AND how that food makes you feel in an hour of eating it you may knock some of your old favourites off of your “favourite food” list. Suddenly that “happy meal” is not making you smile!

Read all about the importance of awareness and how heightening it can work in your favour:

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