Year of the Snake

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The year of the snake is upon us folks as Chinese New Year has chimed in – Kung Hei Fat Choi. It got me thinking about that old board game we used to play – Snakes and Ladders. Remember that? You roll the dice and move your man forward. If you land on a snake you go back a bunch of spaces, sometimes back to the beginning. Yet when you land on a ladder you do the opposite, advance ahead a whole bunch of spaces, hmmmmm.

This game is surely a metaphor of life. I liken it to dieting. Going on a real dumb one that isn’t based in science is like landing on a cobra that sets you back in spades and bites real hard when you’re done. The same thing goes for the array of gimmicks out there too that take a bite out of your pocketbook when you fall for them. When I was young I landed on some snakes in this regard. The sad thing is you can’t pack the game up and go on with your day. You have to live with the consequences – sometimes it’s a yo-yo weight rebound, sometimes your confidence and self esteem get dashed, worse yet your metabolism could tank – exactly what you ever want to avoid. Many times all of these things happen.

I learned some hard lessons on that snake pit which are revealed in my book coming out in spring. Keep an eye out for it, won’t you? I’ll surely keep you apprised.

What we need to do is find ladders in our lives. That way everything will fall into place much more neatly. When’s that year coming on the calendar anyhow – The Year of The Ladder? I guess when we say it does!

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