Knowledge is Power

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I recently found myself travelling along the California coast. Ya those songs sure are true about California dreaming. That’s what I’m doing today…. Sign me up for surf lessons cause I’d love to spend some days riding the waves and taking it all in. Ahhhhh.

Ok so these south westerners might not have it totally right with the raw-vegan food thing written about December 31, but they sure have it right with posting calories in fast food restaurants. I was pleasantly surprised as I dashed in for a quick breakfast that lo and behold beside the price posted the food item’s calories. Plain as day. Plain and simple. And YES I used that information to shift my choice. Who would have thunk some of the offerings were sky high in the energy department? Not something I was seeking after purchasing new skinny jeans this bright new year.

Most jurisdictions do not have this information available in plain view for the patrons. Customers have to surf the net to get their facts straight leaving these nutrition nuggets of information a mystery for most. Many experts debate incessantly about making this info available, wanting more details posted, perhaps to use colour coding, and on and on the debate goes with no decisions in sight.

Let’s face it folks, knowledge is power. And on that fine day I chose an egg option that was modestly calorie dense, not a heavy weight. It doesn’t need to be that complicated. Let’s face it, we’re used to seeing nutritional information on food labels for years now on packaged food. Without any information about food served in these outlets how can consumers ever know which options are better?

Wise food for thought, that’s for sure.

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