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I had one of those “mother of all days” today at work. Oh, am I happy it’s over. I don’t know about you but I’m a big believer in being good to myself and building in rewards.

Way back when, when I was working out my weight issues I built in a lot of behaviour modification strategies to help me through it and maintain it. Kind of like Through Thick and Thin thing, for myself!!

For many, weight loss is the main reward. I guess the corollary to that is a wardrobe to go with it. Call me Pavlov’s dog, but I like immediate rewards. Who wants to wait 6 months or a year through it all? Also, rewards can serve us another way to learn to be good to ourselves. I’ve been good and I want a treat now!! What’s wrong with that??

Often times for women it’s taboo to do something nice for yourself. If you’re waiting for someone else to do it for you, you might be waiting an awful long time girlfriend. I say down with martyrdom!! If you’re someone who routinely doesn’t make yourself a priority on your own “to do” list, take some stock in my suggestion of developing your reward list. Food cannot be on your list, as you might use food already as a reward subconsciously (time to remove it). Think of some of life’s simple pleasures: listening to music (YOUR music, not someone else’s favourites), polishing your finger nails, taking a bubble bath, having some quiet time, deferring something which is deferrable to tomorrow’s list, you get the idea? Make your own list, then put it into action.

The list doesn’t have to include things you buy either, unless it’s in your budget to do so – a small bunch of flowers, a new tube of lipstick, a much needed salon appointment. Listen, I’m a material girl and love stuff, but work in things you can afford and benefit from as immediately as possible.

So after my kooky day today, I have already worked in a few personal pleasures. Tell me what some of yours are so we can share them and learn from each other.

Time to turn on the “spa” channel and sooth my nerves….

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