Twas the Night Before Christmas

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Twas the night before Christmas, and all through my room,

Was a sugar rush happening, and a big sense of doom.

I had come down to realize, I would make me a plan,

And to see just how with it, so with notions I ran.

I did some soul searching, and got my head straight,

One of these, one of those, eh, that’s all that I ate.

I would loosen up the rules, during this most cherished time,

That brings small yummy pleasures, would be oh so very fine.

In the meantime I’d up the ante on my activity routine.

Or the extras would come back to bite me come New Year’s scene.

It’s a balancing act of those ins with those outs.

By staying in the moment surely gives you more clout.

Change your focus to enjoy all aspects of the season.

Sharing joy with one another is really the reason.

To celebrate to the max like it’s 1999.

Cause really who knows what next year’ll bring….we’ll know in time.


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