Give Yourself a “Yoo Hoo”, Avoid the “Boo Hoo”

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If there is indeed an eating vortex, I do believe it began during the holidays. One noshfest that leads to another that starts out all innocent like when the holly’s first hung can end up with you needing to let out that slinky black number you were planning on wearing New Year’s. Giving yourself a grand wake up call “Yoo Hoo” early on can surely help make your Christmas Season bright(er).

Look, I partake in the pity pudding like the next gal, but I draw a proverbial line in the snow that I aim not to cross most of the time. This day and age the images, the carols and the fa la la la la has begun since Halloween extending the season for some by an extra month jolly excess.
Ok so here’s some food for thought as you dive into all the season has to offer:
  • DO plan to wear a smashing outfit with a cinched waistband to your party, that’ll help keep your noshing in tact.
  • DON’T tell yourself you can’t eat your favourite foods, cause you’re just gonna give in and binge 2 times more.
  • DO have a snack before you go to your party, to help curb your appetite.
  • DON’T start drinking those bottomless glasses of wine, that seems like 1 that’s really 5.
  • DO keep track of your bevy’s and plan to enjoy a few then graduate to mineral water with lime.
  • DON’T try to make your hostess overjoyed by overdoing it. You’ll be paying in spades if you do.
  • DO get a handle on the menu ahead of time so you can plan your indulgences according.
  • DON’T skip, skip, skip your exercise cause that gald dang energy equation will bite you in your butt if you do.
  • DO enjoy yourself and your family with the season, cause it only commeth once per year.

So before you get too knee deep in the Christmas fun, give yourself a loud Yoooo Hoooo cause you’ll be happy once you doooooooo!!


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