Getting Rough on the Fast Food Smoothie

December 7th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , , , ,

While I’m shedding light on rethinking your drink, let’s shine the spotlight on fast food fruit smoothies, shall we. Chances are if you’re gravitating toward these you want to make a better, healthier choice. And I say, “good for you!”

Buyer beware though, that some of these halo’d bevy’s might be high on taste and plus sized, but also loaded with sugar and calories without all of those antioxidants you were seeking. Do a quick check on the Internet if you do frequent fast food places to find out more about some of these devilish drinks. You might not have realized you’ve been guzzling back 300-400 calories a serving without even realizing.

Knowledge is power. When you know better you do better. You can certainly work these in as a treat or change your bevy of choice if these numbers we’re part of your plan. Better yet control what goes into yours by making your own at home.

Get the facts and rethink your drink!

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