If Muscle is the Answer….

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If muscle is the answer, then what’s the question? Hmmmmm I had this thought when I took a walk today. And oh those squirrels are beefing up lately aren’t they? Seeing them got me thinking about the importance of continuing to be active through fall and into winter.

Which brings me back to my original question that I haven’t yet asked fully: what’s the secret to weight loss success and it’s maintenance? Yes that question of all questions. When I think deeply on this it’s the preservation and even building of muscle tissue. Not that “Molson muscle” that the squirrels have stored, or shall I call that “acorn muscle”?! But that muscle we get from moving and toning.

Muscle is your friend. When you have some it shows you actually move yours. Muscle is more metabolically active. At my age or any age, isn’t that what we want is for our furnace within to burn baby burn? Of course we do!

When I think about me in my aging state I know how important my activity routine is for many reasons – physically, mentally and more. Not only is my walking important but my calisthenic routine is even more important. Doing exercises that strengthen and tone keeping my core in check. Those muscles are holding me in like a self made Spankz!

So ask yourself this question and answer it by revving up your routine through fall and winter – ready, set, go! You’ll realize that muscle really is the answer.

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