Going Squirrelly Over Nuts

October 28th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , , , , ,

Is it just me, but the squirrels seem to be going nutty these days? Busy, busy, busy, running, searching, digging, burying, there’s o so much to do this season. While enjoying breakfast this morning a squirrel was burrowing in my window box, ahhh!

I’ve been going a little squirrelly too lately. For me it’s been to fill a hankering for pistachios. I get the unsalted variety. Sometimes when I want a snack with more staying power the protein in the nuts help tide me over to my meal. Mmmm the crunch, the taste, the enjoyment and the satisfaction. That’s what I look for in a perfect snack.

Truth be told I change my protein filled snacks up though, sometimes I enjoy a glass of chocolate milk, other times a yummy Greek yoghurt, then other times some chick pea salad. When you’re looking for a snack with staying power, these are great options.

What are you going squirrelly over lately? I’d like to know :-)

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