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October 26th, 2012 No Comments Tags: ,

A true sign of old age is reaching a milestone, feeling like you blinked then you reach another one. What gives? Today marks T & T’s 600th blog post. It’s been quite a journey. Truth be told, blogging is like my writing callisthenics, my warm up for when I write “real” material.

It’s been a rewarding hobby of mine that I procrastinated over a year prior to beginning by over thinking and worrying that I would run out of material to write about…. as if….

My commitment to writing keeps me mindful of trends, happenings and what’s on people’s minds around food, nutrition and life. Sometimes the words and topics flow like a river and sometimes my brain could use an Imodium to get the lead out. I try to stay in the moment and not get too hung up over it, then something in my world will inspire me, then off I’ll go again….

What started in March 2010 has blossomed from all of the soul searching. Blogging is a form of journalling, really which has flourished into article ideas and my e-book that’s taking shape that I’m even more committed to launching. It’s been my therapy too.

It’s enriching to find something in life to keep you busy with the boob tube off. Finding something constructive to do is my personal get away from reality, my own little world that keeps my mind focused on my interests with my heart open. Mark my words, my e-book will be launched before my 700 post goes live. Stay tuned for that!!

I check out the blog metrics from time to time. I have followers from the beginning of T & T time and many newby’s. Whether you’re new or whether you know a bit too much about me by now, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time.

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