Take a Stand on Sit-itis

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Sit-itis is all the rage these days, sadly. It’s a new risk factor raising it’s ugly head like the Sphinx in today’s world – prolonged sitting. Yet another new study compiling data involving almost 800,000 is telling us more grave news on the subject that plagues us. Here’s what they found. For those studied who sit all day, they had a:

  • 147% increased risk of heart attack or stroke
  • 112% increase in the risk of developing diabetes
  • 90% greater risk of dying from a cardiac event
  • 49% greater risk of premature mortality

Ok folks, now stand up and shake it out. I feel like I’ve just been given yet another 1-2 punch on the subject. These statistics are staggering. As an active person has me rethinking about all the sitting in my life. I am bound to my chair because of my desk jobs – I sit on transit to and from work, I sit at work, sit at meetings, sit for dinner, lounge after dinner, sitting is my activity every day and I’ll bet it is yours too.

Since first reading about “the dangers of sitting” I took note. The experts suggested ways of just moving more. Here’s what I try to do to avoid sit-itis. My aging bladder gets me up regularly to move, if you catch my drift. When I work from home I work in 2 walks a day to get the lead out. I’ve bumped up my matt routine with a few more calisthenic moves to help me tone. When I take transit I try to stand for a time just to get off my duff, if my blood pressure isn’t too low, and more.

Our bodies were built to move and this helps our mind, bodies, function optimally. Let the alarm bells ring for you if you are in the majority like me. Together we can do the hokey pokey so this cloud can lift above our heads.

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