A Little Taste of Heaven

October 14th, 2012 No Comments Tags: , ,

I just took a quiet moment to enjoy a snack. I turned away from the computer and any distractions. I put 2 ripe plums in season on a plate. Then I sat and savoured every bite. Oh the joy of tasting your food! This is one of life’s simplest pleasures that we’ve lost of late.

I love focusing in to the sensations of eating – feeling a bit hungry, thinking about what my body’s asking for, preparing it, then sitting down to enjoy it – the crunch, the sweet nectar, the sour skin enjoying the taste to the max, followed by feeling satisfied. A symbol of fall cherished, knowing we won’t be seeing these again, in season, until next year. A fond farewell savoured.

You know the winemakers have this “taste sensation” thing down to a fine art. Wine flavours are often described in food terms – “hint of cherries and plums”, “peppery” or “chocolatey”, “citrus’y with lemons and limes” or a “buttery finish”. When we eat too fast we don’t even get a “hint of plums” when we’re gobbling them down! What gives?

You deserve a taste of Heaven every day when you eat. Slow down, prepare and present your food, chew your food and enjoy it without distractions. It truly doesn’t get any better than this! An opportunity missed if you rush and gobble.

I’d like to challenge you to put your current favourite foods to this test. You know what I mean, that junky stuff, fast food, highly processed with empty calories. I’ll bet you when you truly take the time to experience your food fully you will make an eventual shift to healthier food. Give it a try and take the challenge. I dare you!

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