Fat Talk in a Skinny World

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It seems wherever you look on the tube or in magazines are images of slim people. We’re surrounded! We can end up internalizing those abnormal images into what normal really is in our mind. Oh if Marsians came down to earth after tapping into our TV they’d think they stopped on the wrong planet because most people don’t really look like that.

Some people end up trash talking themselves with “fat talk”. In time this could boil over to feelings of depression and the negativity can snowball from there. Stop the madness!

Ok folks I’m not suggesting you give up on your goal-making to a better you, but I am suggesting you tune your attitude in, stat. Start with the exercise of “thought stopping”. Take a week out of your life to focus on those voices in your head. You know what I’m talking about – your inner babble. Well if you the Babbleonion find yourself trash talking yourself with fat talk take heed.

Turn the beat around my soul sister and replace that fat talk with self lovin’ speak. For example, say you catch your back side in the reflection of your office building’s glass doors and hear your inner gasp about that sight. Stop those thoughts cold-handed and replace them with something realistic and positive such as “…well well well, look at how nice you look today, you put a lot of effort in your outfit and you look divine, daaaarling…” In time you will motivate yourself to feel more positive about yourself and it can snowball from there.

If you do want to do better visit your doctor and discuss a realistic goal and approach. Remind yourself that many of the models you see in the media are an unhealthy weight and are not ideal. They’re down right skinny. So give your head a shake and live in the real world while staying positive. Be your own best friend in word and in deed and put an end to this trash talk for good.

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