Second Breakfast

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Aye lassie, a little bird told me that today is the 75th anniversary of the publication of The Hobbit. Apparently we were supposed to celebrate this milestone by having “second breakfast” at 11 am. Quite serendipitously earlier in the day I cut up a plum and nectarine and was nibbling on these when 11 rolled around. Hmmmmm I hope I don’t start growing hair on my feet :-)

We all know that breakfast certainly is the most important meal in the day. It helps get us started, provides fuel for our body and mind. Having all of our meals each day is paramount, but breakfast certainly has that special place in the day providing our initial spark to get going.

There’s something to be said about having second breakfast too or a mid morning snack. I routinely have a fruit or two between breakfast and lunch because I get up and have an early breakfast so this helps me through to lunch time. I do the same late afternoon before dinner too. Some people swear by sticking to 3 square meals each day and I like to poo poo that right out of the gate.

Having a small planned snack between meals helps keep that ravenous hunger at bay because when we’re in that state many people eat too fast and eat too much. A planned snack keeps you from hitting that vending machine chocked full of junk that temps you into mindless eating. There’s a BIG difference in approach.

So plan a second breakfast AND a second lunch for that matter in snack-sized proportion to help manage your hunger. Sam and Frodo would certainly approve!

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