Mighty Monitoring

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Oh for the love of monitoring. I had my annual MD check-up recently and it got me thinking about the importance of monitoring. Oh those appointments are a love-hate relationship, but certainly necessary, that’s for sure.

Being interrogated with a list of questions, being poked and prodded getting every mole checked, blood pressure, weight, height, girth, eyes, ears, nose, throat, heart rate and more is the rigamarole worth having each year in the name of prevention. It’s important to hear what’s new in the influenza department plus new immunizations worth considering along with new recommendations for vitamin D.

You certainly can’t address what you do not know. Just monitoring weight and girth are important to know if your positive eating and activity efforts are paying off. And yes indeed, they have!

It was worth the drive and day off work for this annual homage of your person. Your body is your temple. Get it checked out annually and as needed so you can function on all cylinders for another year.

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