Admiring Mona

September 9th, 2012 No Comments Tags: ,

I recently found myself in Paris visiting the Louvre. How inspiring! The building itself, the sculptures, the art masterpieces even the picture frames all were sights to behold. Like many visitors we chose to tour the section of the museum that the Mona Lisa resides. Each room, hallway and stair well showcased amazing art that took our breath away.

Then we entered the room of the Mona Lisa herself. Featured behind glass sectioned off to preserve her personal space, she stood with her supercilious grin to the onlookers. A painting of Leonardo da Vinci in ~1503 that has been in pop culture for centuries. People clambered behind the barrier to inch to the front for an unblocked view to admire her. Yes, a masterpiece for sure.

I had to smile though when I saw this photo of the onlookers with all eyes on Mona, not on the other pieces of art in that room. It got me thinking about what we appreciate in our own life, hmmmmm.

It’s so easy to get caught up with what the popular press dictates we admire. We can go off chasing rainbows following trends when our lives are full of masterpieces from the birds chirping, the billowing clouds, sun rises and sunsets to who we’re touring with…..

Go ahead and admire those works of art in our lives. It’ll fill you up with inspiration. Don’t forget to stop, look around and identify those in our everyday lives too.

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