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Look left and look right and it seems like so many people are plagued with too much stress. I recently found myself in the thick of things on Stress Avenue first hand and got reflecting about how to manage it better.

Talk About It, Then Park It – Talk with your confidant about your concerns to get them off your chest, then park it. Dwelling on your problems and complaining incessantly can make a bigger mountain out of your situation and keep you in neutral, instead of working on moving forward.

Look for the Silver Lining – Take stock in the positives in any bad situation because truly there’s always someone worse off than you. Look around then look up!

Get Moving – Getting moving can help you burn off steam and is a great outlet.

Sip a Tea – Finding a relaxing moment with a cuppa-tea can help reduce stress and tension with those natural elements – ahhhh.

Have a Chuckle – Turn on the Comedy station and have a good belly laugh or watch a funny movie.

Change Your Focus – Stop dwelling on “poor you” and change your focus to help lift your spirits. Help someone who needs it – that’ll change your focus pretty quick.

Stay in the Moment – Thinking too far ahead of your problem can be overwhelming, focus on the positive and the here and now. Keep going!

Everyone has stress in their life and no one can escape it. Find ways to manage it optimally to help get you through the rough spots.

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