Best Food Forward – Ode to Oatmeal

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I start out each weekday with a bowl of oatmeal. You can set a watch to it and can bank that when at home this is my go-to way to begin the day. Most early work day mornings start out a little bleary eyed. At times I think “how’s this little bit of of oats gonna fill me up?” until I get started. As I sip my coffee with milk, the swell rate seems incredible, filling me up morning after morning.

I don’t want to start my day off with an adventure pondering “me oh my oh, what am I going to have for breakfast oh”. I get enough adventure in my workday as it is. The decision is already made. It works for me, so why question it. I want something working for me from the get go. And a bowl of oatmeal does it for me every season.

Science shows that oats are the best source of soluble fiber too, helping some of that cholesterol in your bloodstream from being absorbed. It fills me up and doesn’t let me know. A perfect way to kick start your day. Not necessarily pretty in the picture, but effective.

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