Easter Feasts & "Fasts" – Planning Ahead

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Scenario: You’re invited to dine at your folk’s house for family Easter dinner.

Special family occasions are a time to cherish. Alas, Easter week is upon us. If you’re working toward fitting into your bathing suit by May all of the proverbial “fasting” can put a monkey wrench into your plans if you don’t do some stealth planning.

Let’s take charge this week and work toward the family feasting and “fasting” to enjoy it to the max without wreaking havoc on your waistline.

Let’s Plan Ahead

  • Learn to differentiate between love through food sharing/pushing vs diet saboteurs as the strategies you use will be different.
  • Offer to prepare a dish for the dinner. Tell the hostess that “it’s your specialty and everyone raves about it” – chances are she’ll accept your generosity. Prepare a healthy option that you’ll feel good about eating (and serving to others).
  • Find out what’s on the menu. Knowing what’s being served makes you better able to plan what you’re going to eat.
  • You might want to convince that loving relative to eat at your place where you are better able to control the entire situation. Preparing food yourself will allow you to know what’s in it and how it’ll be served. “Under my roof it’s my rules” may apply at their house, but the same goes when you entertain in YOUR home.
  • Plan to enjoy the special foods unique to the holiday without overdoing it.
  • Up the ante on your exercise regimen early in the week and try not to skip a day to help burn some of those extra calories that creep in after the Easter egg hunt.

While we’re planning for the “calories in” and “calories out” get a handled on the interactional component of family gatherings. Funny how even the most mature adults revert to their childish ways at times like these. If there’s a fence to mend with an in-law or out-law take the high road and deal with it ahead early in the week. A lot of work goes into preparing these special meals and who wants to spoil it with a family feud just as the main course is served.

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