Best Food Forward – Olives & Olive Oil

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Pour it, dip it, herb it and cook it – gotta love the taste and goodness of olive oil. Mmmm I made my famous heirloom Tomato, Salami with Boconcini salad last week and enjoyed everybody’s enjoyment, especially my own. Talk about a special family heirloom recipe – a family gift that keeps in giving.

The benefits are many using these drops of gold or eating olives as a snack. Olive oil is high in those heart healthy monounsaturated fats that assist our bad cholesterol to go down while the good stuff to go up. It’s also a good source of Vitamin E and poly phenols. So much goodness in every drop.

Drizzle some on salad, on grilled vegetables, even on grilled French stick or foccacio with your own assortment of goodies on an antipasto plate that can start a meal or BE your meal. You decide.

Don’t forget just because some is good, a glug glug glug with the olive oil jug isn’t necessarily better, at 120 calories a tablespoon try not to double dribble too much. Do make sure you get double the enjoyment though!

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