Think About Your Drink – Bottoms UP

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Ok so this article really isn’t about what you’re thinking…. It’s about hydration – drinking enough fluids in the pinnacle of the summer heat – yes, bottoms up!

I marvel at the miles of aisle at the grocery store full of stuff to drink. It’s a jungle along there and making decisions on what to have can be confusing for many. When you stop and think about other drinks we’ve gotten used to consuming outside of those aisles we can add drinks from the drive-through’s of mega-sized waves of pop to vente sized cups of coffee with a dollop of cream on top, to Mr. Big Gulp and more. Good grief. It certainly is a mad mad mad mad mad mad mad world in the beverage department, to say the least. Milk barely stands a chance.

Like any problem in life I like to keep the solution simple. What’s simpler than Mother Nature’s water? Yes old fashioned H2O. Because I prefer to eat my calories instead of drink them (mostly) I ignore all of the fancy packages, vitamin additions and sports drinks and just have water. I take it up a notch and get fancy at home by keeping fizzy mineral water on hand to enjoy with lemon, lime, a dap of juice on ice in the good ole summer time. Ahhh how refreshing!

Think of all of the sugar or sweetener and colouring, not to mention that dastardly caffeine in so many drinks. I get heart palpations just thinking about it. So take stock of the drinks in your fridge and your cupboards and decide to simplify things in your own drink department. Here’s some food for thought on drinks or “drinks for thought”:

  • feel free to start the day off with a cuppa jo if you must then move on and abort all thoughts of more coffee in the day, know when enough is enough already
  • keep water in a recyclable container with you and sip on that all day long
  • drink milk with meals
  • eat your fruit more than you drink your fruit in the form of juice
  • ok live a little and enjoy a bit of wine now and then, then put a cork in it

Keep in mind that all solids and fluids are water based plus drink water to quench thirst. You don’t necessarily need to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, but drink to quench thirst. Remember that kiddies and seniors alike aren’t as attuned to thirst and need to be offered and reminded to drink their water throughout the day especially in extreme heat.

You’ll certainly feel better when taking a leap to simplicity in your beverage department. Give it a try and free yourself of all of the madness. You’ll be glad you did.

Funny when I have people over and ask “would you like a drink?” My innocent guests ask “what do you have?” And I have to laugh and admit to well, mineral water or mineral water, skim milk and various juices. What can I say, who needs cupboards full of all of that sugary, caffeinated stuff? Not me, that’s for sure. So drink up and bottoms UP!

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