Sedentary Spread

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I attended a conference last week and was reminded by one of the speakers how pathetic it’s gotten on the sedentary lifestyle front around the world, including Canada. Dr. Mark Tremblay showed statistics for all age groups of boys, girls, men and women over time demonstrating all groups having gained weight, gotten weaker and less flexible with larger girths. As I sat at the conference for a few days I could feel the spread. What gives?

He talked about even fitting in a measly 30 minute run amongst all of the sitting barely mounted to a hill of beans in the benefit department. It’s good to get a bonk on the head with a dollop of reality to shake up even those seemingly healthy folks. That includes me….

We’ve got to fit in moving any which way we can throughout the day, every day. Here are some nifty ideas to fit in stealth moves to help stop the spread:

  • hold your standing meeting at the office, well….standing
  • when you raddle on the phone at work stand up and chat
  • take intermittent stretches throughout the day
  • instead of e-mail someone down to hall, have some real face time and walk to meet them to say want you planned to message
  • take transit to work – it’s good for the environment and your back side
  • ensure you drink enough in the day will result in needing to visit the louvre regularly
  • host a walking meeting
  • get a pedometer and track the daily steps you take and aim to increase it over time

When I arrived home I fluttered and puttered around the house and garden, took my 3 mile walk and did my weights and mat routine. I feel better already. Start making a stand and get outta that seat to stop the sedentary spread. Thanks Mark I got the message!! And I hope you, my dear readers do too.

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